Me Made May 2015 Wrap Up

Me Made May has just ended.  Yay to no more daily pics for awhile!  I love participating but by the last week I was really ready to be done documenting what I wore.  Big thanks go out to Zoe for organizing this!

What I learned this go around:

  • I could use a few more shorts/pants and even a few dresses
  • My color scheme has really made everything mix and match easily
  • Hardly any repeats this year! Other than one or two dresses my outfits were different every day which I thought was fabulous!
  • I really enjoyed the pictures I took that showed more of my lifestyle/what I was doing that day.  I think next year I may focus more on that.
  • Comfort trumps all!

Here’s what I wore this last week:

MMM Day 26- Ami in her new Flora Swimsuit and me in a Watson Bikini (unblogged) and Skater Swim Skirt poolside.


Day 27- Anne Klein V1382 Top and Flared Wave Skirt


Day 28 Skater UPF Dress  and a bikini I’m pattern testing at Lowdermilk Beach Playground.


Day 29- Grainline Tank and Refashioned skirt-not my favorite outfit- but fine for a lazy day of chores.


Day 30- At my mom’s house, Refashioned Asymmetrical Top and Marcy Tilton Shingle Skirt


Ending on a bang- Day 31 My Salme Playsuit and another swimsuit I’m pattern testing.  I totally forgot I had this playsuit!  I packed it away at my mom’s (since we’re selling our condo) and found it while looking through my bins.


And here’s a recap of all my outfits for the month (in no particular order):

MeMadeMay 2015 What I Wore, Sew Pomona

Happy Sewing

2 thoughts on “Me Made May 2015 Wrap Up”

  1. You have really built a great wardrobe around your needs and ethics. And how lovely to be poolside and beachside in the sun, here it’s still cold and I have hardly been able to be bare-legged.

    1. Thanks so much Helena! I’m so happy with how my wardrobe is evolving! It is beautiful here! I love the weather in Florida and can’t imagine living in a cold climate ever again. Hope you get some warm weather your way soon :)

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