Me Made May 2019 Recap

It’s a bit late coming, but I really wanted to share everything I wore this Me Made May! This was my 6th year participating and for the first time I didn’t wear all my makes. My goal this year was to wear all me-mades with no repeats. I didn’t totally accomplish that goal- toward the end I really just wanted to wear some favorites- but I could have. My wardrobe is almost completely hand made at this point-other than underwear which I just don’t enjoy sewing (too fiddly) so there was lots-maybe too much- to choose from.

This May was especially hot. Often I can get away with some fall clothes until the end of the month-not this time around! I really think it would be useful to document my winter/fall wardrobe in the same way I do MMM. Seeing all the ways I’ve mixed my wardrobe is such a benefit. I ended up with just one repeat- my floral skater dress- and that was because I just wanted to wear it again for a school event. I wore 2 different outfits on three days plus swim and pajamas most days as well handmade bags. I just didn’t have the patience to photograph everything.

I’ve linked all the makes below if you’d like more info on the pieces I’m wearing.

Week 1 (Days 1-7)

Week 2 (days 8-15)

This was my favorite week! Mother’s Day and our Lucky 13th Wedding Anniversary! The kids always make me beautiful handmade gifts plus I got some lovely flowers this year too. We purposely got married on the 13th so we wouldn’t ever forget the date. It worked! My husband took of the day so we could spend it together while the kids were at school. This is our new go-to for “date nights”. Best Anniversary yet! We spent the morning at our community golf course (I drove while Vic played) and then went out for a delicious middle eastern lunch.

Week 3 (days 16-22)

Week 4 (days 23-31)

What I learned:

  • I need more summer pants/shorts. I wore my cream culottes and Holly pants constantly as they’re such good lightweight basics.
  • Some of my clothes I just did not want to wear. I have a few pieces that will now be altered (my wrap pants are a PITA to wear!) or reused.
  • I need a few more simple tank tops for layering and summer.
  • Maybe some more dresses? I haven’t made many in the last few years but I’m really loving wearing them again. They just need to be on the more casual side.
  • I realized most of my pj’s are old and ratty ready to wear pieces. I just made a leaf print matched jersey set the other day and it felt so nice to wear something pretty.

Hope you all had a wonderful Me Made May! Happy Sewing!

6 thoughts on “Me Made May 2019 Recap”

  1. What a stunning gallery of beauties! I especially liked the final “What I Learned” section. Really the icing on the cake!

    1. Thanks Masha! After my last few makes I realized I need a bit more color and fun in my wardrobe.

  2. Lovely outfits! I’ve often wished for a fall/winter version of MMM as well, since cold weather outfits are something that I could definitely use more inspiration for. Summer dressing is just so much easier!

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