Me Made May 2021

May flew by in a blur! I’ve participated in Me Made May for 8 years in a row now. I posted my makes daily on instagram but not on the blog this year to keep it as manageable as possible. So now that the month is over it’s time for my MMM Wrap up!

My pledge this year was very basic. I have an almost fully me made wardrobe but have definitely been going for comfort over style these days with my ankle injury, my work schedule, and the pandemic. Here’s my pledge: I, Rebecca @sewpomona, pledge to wear handmade garments as much as possible throughout May 2021. Thanks again to Zoey for hosting this challenge once again! I love being able to record what I wear on a daily basis and really search my wardrobe for new outfit combos and break out older makes that I don’t wear as much as I used too.

Links to all my blogged makes are listed below the images if you want to read more!

MMM Week 1

  1. self drafted sweatpants (new make) and white tank
  2. Vintage 1970s Butterick 4569 wrap skirt and jersey stripe tee
  3. pieced rib knit tee and indigo voile culottes
  4. Hokkah Orange Poppies linen tank and rust culottes
  5. Refashioned RTW 3/4 sleeve tee and White Holly Pants
  6. Oversized white tee and lavender culottes
  7. white v neck tee and orange drawstring shorts

MMM Week 2

  1. green handwoven hemp culottes( new make) and refashioned tee out of leftover fabric from my Memphis dress
  2. Vintage 80’s pattern dress (new) ( Mother’s day Pic with my kiddos!)
  3. Seersucker tank (unblogged) and White Holly Pants
  4. Tank and Vintage Butterick 4659 Pants dyed with Indigo
  5. Refashioned Tank Sophie Stripe with Button Tab Pants
  6. Fiona Sundress in pear Linen ( with my husband Vic for our 15th Wedding Anniversary)
  7. Peachy Keen Lekala Tank and Hudson Pants (unblogged)

MMM Week 3

  1. Vintage Apron Skirt with Cream Rib Knit Tank (new make)
  2. Self Drafted V Neck Tank dyed with avocado and Indigo voile culottes
  3. Floral Odgen Cami and Green Culottes (new make)
  4. Colfax Dress in Liberty Prints
  5. Jalie Cami with Indigo Culottes
  6. Jalie Cami with self drafted sweatpants ( new make)
  7. V Neck Grommet Tank (unblogged wearable muslin) and lavender culottes

MMM Week 4 +

  1. Denim Culottes and Guava tee + Sandhill Sling
  2. Granville Blouse, knit tank and Holly Pants
  3. Vogue 9312 Dress
  4. Navy Odgen Cami and Button tab Pants
  5. Vintage 1970’s Butterick 4659 (new/ undyed) and orange stripe refashioned tank
  6. Shape Shape Wave Skirt with my avocado dyed slip dress
  7. Boxy Tee Refashion (new) and button tab pants
  8. Swiss dot blouse (new) and lavender culottes
  9. Butterick 4659 Vintage Butterick Apron Skirt and Fiona Sundress Crop Top hack
  10. Vintage 1973 Simplicity 5688 Halter Jumpsuit (new make)

MMM 2021

This year was pretty successful for a pandemic year! I found some new outfit combos, wore some new makes and wore me mades every day. In a normal year that’s pretty easy but I hadn’t been wearing as many since my injury ( fractured ankle back in January) for comfort and care. I didn’t want to damage nice clothing while scooting around before I could walk and some of m=y makes are a bit long and I worried about tripping. MMM is always great for repairs and refashions. I tend to take out more makes and fix them as I go. Hemming, buttons, etc. I used my self phone for pics this year since I have a remote control which made it a bit easier. I didn’t have to setup my camera and while the picture quality isn’t as good it was way easier to document. This is really the first month I was back to walking ( and driving) so it’s great to see mu progression. I was still hobbling with a limp at the start of the month but that’s all better now.

Hope you all enjoyed MMM! I’ll be posting new makes again soon, I have a huge backlog of projects to photograph! Plus I have a new project in the works. In 15 months ( I know it’s a crazy long time!) our whole family is going on a 10 day trip to Greece! So of course I’m planning a full capsule wardrobe and have tons of time to focus on making everything I’ll be wearing, including swimsuits and bags! Happy Sewing!

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