Me Made May 2022

Me Made May has come and gone, and while I’ve posted to Instagram most days this month it’s time for a little recap on the blog. This year wasn’t quite as successful for me as past years have been. I really didn’t enjoy taking pics- of course a large part of that is it’s time to update my phone- which doesn’t take the best pics. Plus half way through I caught a really bad flu and was sick in bed for a week. I did wear me made’s all month long- it just consisted of lots of sweatpants and tees!

One of my favorite refashions of the month. Took the dress and made it into a cute skirt and the tee used to be long sleeved. So much better!

What was succesful was my pledge to fix and mend my makes as I went this month. It’s a great time to pull out all your makes and see what needs repairs- and actually do them! I replaced buttons, cropped and hemmed tees and remade quite a few pieces to make them more wearable. I love focusing on mixing up my wardrobe in May, and documenting what I wear is really useful. I can go back and look at what I’ve worn so far and try new combinations. I also always find the holes in what in my closet which helps me with my wardrobe planning. I do tend to wear almost entirely me made clothes daily, but this really helps me focus on what’s working, and what’s not.

Lots of new makes to be blogged about soon!

This year did bring a big change- I’ve gone back to work- in an office- full time! This has really required some rethinking of my wardrobe which has slowly gotten more and more casual as the years go by. While my work dress code is pretty casual I definitely dress differently at work then I do at home. I’ve just gotten in a gorgeous shipment of fabrics from CORE fabrics to refresh my work looks. I’m planning out some pretty tunics with light pants underneath using some Style Arc patterns for my work wardrobe that will all mix and match. I can’t wait to start making!

Big Thanks go to Zoe for hosting again. Check out her Podcast Check your Thread for some great info and her Me Made May and Beyond Checklist. I know I’m going to tackle it myself this week!

My fav outfit of the month- Brand spanking new…coming to the blog soon! Utu Skirt and a simple tee.

So here’s what I wore this month:

If you want to see some of these makes on the blog here are the main links:

Top Row- left to right- Indigo Dye rtw dress, Marcy Tilton Vogue dress, Stripe Pants, (New Outfit), Dyed Vintage Pants, (New Oufit), Holly Pants with (new Burda Top), Retro Stripe Dress

2nd Row- Holly Pants (new Burda blouse), Memphis Dress, Vintage Robe Dress, Stripe Wrap jacket and jean culottes, Button Tab Blue Capri (new tank), Vintage Indigo dyed pant and (new tee), Salsa Blouse/Odgen Cami/Jean Culotte

3rd Row- Vintage Dress Shirt/Indigo dyed pant/stripe tee, Railroad denim and Blue tee, (new tulip pant with french tee), (New Outfit), Stripe Pant and (new Mandy tee), Haslam Slip dress, Button Tab Pant and Black and White tee

Hoping to get back into the swing of things and add more content to the blog, insta and you tube soon! I have so mush to share. Just have to get used to my new-very busy- schedule. Happy Sewing!

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