Me Made May- Week 3

It’s been another successful week wearing my makes, though I’m coming to the end of my summer wardrobe and only have a few dressier clothing pieces that haven’t been worn yet.  I’ve been focused on sewing swimwear this last week.  A new bikini for me that I’m pattern testing as well as two new swimsuits for Amelie.  If you follow me on Facebook you’ll have seen some sneak peeks at Ami’s new suits.  I’m also working on making a tutorial and free one size swimsuit pattern for Ami’s suit which I hope to have up on the blog soon!

Here’s what I wore this week:

Day 12- Blue UPF Skater Dress.  I altered the neckline to be higher in the front and low in the back plus 3/4 sleeves.  One of my most versatile dresses since I wear it to the beach and pool for a coverup.

MMM Day 12

Day 13- My 9th Wedding Anniversary spent poolside in the morning with my youngest Ami and my husband Vic who took the day off. I got to sit and relax while Vic took Ami swimming! I’m wearing my favorite Ikat Skater Dress .  My son had a “Meet the Author” event for his kindergarten class in the afternoon where each of the kids read a book they wrote and illustrated which was published and is now available for the kids to check out of their library.  How awesome is that!  Nigel wrote a story about Dinosaurs with some very big words.  He’s gone from 2 words to over 100 that he can sight read since the beginning of the year!

MMM Day 13

Day 14- Grainline Tiny Pocket Tank and Shape Shape Wrap Skirt dyed with indigo.  I’m wearing the skirt the opposite direction to show how the pattern changes as you turn the skirt.

MMM Day 14

MMM Day 15- Friday Theme: Something Old.  These are two of my earliest makes for the blog and the skirt was my first go at using natural dyes.  Both are Shape Shape patterns: Sleeveless Scarf Blouse( sans scarves- I cut them off!) and Flared Wave Skirt. 

MMM Day 15

MMM Day 16- Colette Patterns Hawthorn Dress.  Another one of my earliest makes.  I really need to make another version!

MMM day 16

MMM Day 17- RTW Dress (Boden) that I shibori dyed in indigo.  I never wore this dress much before dyeing as it was quite sheer.  It really works best as a beach dress.  But the dyeing really makes the dress.  I’m also wearing a new bikini I’m pattern testing, so I can’t share the pics of that make yet.

MMM Day 17

This weekend was so beautiful at the beach.  The water is finally perfect for swimming.  Clear calm and refreshing.

I’ve also just gotten back into cooking again.  My interest tends to wax and wane with how much I want to do, though all of our meals are home cooked.  I’ve been working to trim up our budget so I just made up a full one month meal plan.  I found a great printable meal plan that includes a shopping list.  I’m trying to cut down our extra shopping trips and just shop once a week at Trader Joes and order specialty items using Amazon Prime- mainly our monthly stash of Yorkshire Gold Tea!  So far so good.  We’re having Ziti tonight, I made up extra batches of sauce and stock for the freezer and made some super delish Fig Newton like cereal bars for the kids.  Check out my Family Meal Plan Board on Pinterest (with all the links) if your interested.

Hope your May is going fabulously!


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  1. Looking great Rebecca! I love how effortless and comfortable your style is, and you always look so put together. I suspect the warm, sunny climate doesn’t hurt. :) Looking forward to checking out your new swimsuit patterns!

    1. Thanks so much Carolyn! I’m really loving how my wardrobe is working together so far. The weather is so beautiful here- though quite hot lately!

  2. What a perfect summertime projects! From closet organization to spring cleaning to streamlined summer cooking and budgeting–the whole package. Interesting how one thing leads to another. There’s wisdom there!

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