Meet Georgina-New to Me, IPM

Georgina, Republique du Chiffon, Sew Pomona

I wanted to enter The Monthly Stitch’s, Indie Pattern Month Contests again this year but I’ve been on  a strict no fabric purchases budget this month.  Luckily my mom is always saving her cast off clothing for me and gifted me this nightgown she no longer wears.  The fabric was so pretty- I love the turquoise!

I’ve had my eye on trying out a République du Chiffon pattern for a while now.  The patterns are so pretty, chic and quintessentially French. There are only a few English patterns available in their shop and this one, the Georgina dress seemed perfect for my fabric.  Plus just in time to enter the New To Me Contest!

Georgina, Republique du Chiffon, Sew Pomona

  • Indie Pattern: Republic of Cloth (République du Chiffon) Georgina Dress, English PDF Pattern.
  • Fabric & Notions: Repurposed nightgown and curtain (skirt lining), zipper in my stash(to be replaced to match)
  • Sizing:  I cut a 40 based on my measurements.  The waist is a bit large.
  • Pattern Alterations:  Added 2″ to bodice after aligning the pattern with my Sloper.  Lengthened my skirt a bit as well.

Georgina, Republique du Chiffon, Sew Pomona

Here’s the best feature….check out the back panels!  I love how the inner bodice is flat while the outer bodice drapes away.  Excuse my zipper.  It was all I had in my stash to work with and will be replaced as soon as I find a color match.  I love the way the top is loose and then tightens at the waistband.

Georgina, Republique du Chiffon, Sew PomonaGeorgina, Republique du Chiffon, Sew Pomona

I thought a lot about pattern placement as I had limited fabric to work with.  I tried to keep the floral center in the front and the stripes down the center back.  I used the dresses original blue lining as the back bodice and used it to line the front bodice as well.  Since the main body fabric is so sheer I used a lining on all my main pieces and basted them, treating them as one piece.  The skirt lining is cut from a sage green curtain which matched surprisingly well.

My only difficulties with this pattern were some alignment issues after printing which were easily remedied.  The instructions were simple but easy to follow with good diagrams.  I’d say this is geared toward a more intermediate sewist.  Also FYI- this pattern doesn’t include seam allowances so those need to be added.  Personally I prefer this since I can use my preferred allowances.  Smaller if I’m just serging, larger if I’m planning on doing french seams.

My favorite parts of this pattern are how all the seams are sewn and self enclosed.  The 3 bodice pieces are sewn as one unit and then turned to enclose the side and shoulder seam.  The waistband is constructed similarly with 2 pieces to enclose the edges.

Georgina, Republique du Chiffon, Sew Pomona

I’m really looking forward to making another version soon in a solid color with the back in an accent color.  I’m also thinking the bodice would be fabulous either as a jumpsuit/playsuit.  Happy Sewing!

11 thoughts on “Meet Georgina-New to Me, IPM”

  1. This color should be a staple in your wardrobe. Great mix of blouson and sleek.

  2. I agree Mom! I’m keeping my eyes peeled for more fabric in this shade. Thanks for the material! :)

  3. Its a beautiful dress, (and brilliant re-purpose) I have an old vogue pattern with a similar blouson back and may give it a try after seeing yours!

    1. Thanks so much! I think this is my best refashion yet! The back is what really drew me to try this pattern- I love the shape! :)

  4. What a lovely and unique dress! I like the back so much… very classy. It also looks perfect for hot weather.

    Refashions are so hard to make with so little fabric to use. Always a puzzle for me, so I rarely make them. Well done here!

    1. Thanks Klara! This dress is perfect for summer, nice and airy. It’s just so hard to get exactly the look you want when you’ve trying to piece everything together. Makes me long for some nice yardage. I’m taking a break on refashions for myself for a bit. :)

  5. What a cool design! The back panels are really a neat feature, and your fabric choice is beautiful! How fortuitous that you could match the lining with the outer fabric so well in a refashion. My hats off to you!

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