Meet Rebecca

Meet the author…. Rebecca

Rebecca posing outside Lindos on Cliff in Greece in Striped Havana Dress

This is where I share my love for sewing, travel, embroidery, gardening, natural dyeing, and everything in between. I believe that fashion should be sustainable, and my goal is to inspire you to create beautiful, ethical, and eco-friendly garments that you’ll cherish for years to come.

  • Use organic and sustainable materials whenever possible
  • Explore and expand my natural dye knowledge
  • Focus on the details: embroidery, heirloom sewing, high end finishes and construction
Sew Pomona Vacation in Pefkos Greece

Sustainability is a core value of Sew Pomona, and I believe that we can all make a difference by creating our own clothes and reducing our impact on the environment. By using high-quality materials and taking care of our garments, we can minimize waste and support a more ethical and sustainable fashion industry. 

In addition to sewing, I enjoy embroidery and natural dyes. I find embroidery to be a meditative practice and love incorporating it into my sewing projects. I also enjoy gardening and have a small herb and vegetable garden that provides fresh ingredients for my natural dyeing experiments. And when I’m not making you’ll most likely catch me at the beach or traveling with my family.

My Sewing Equipment & Gear

Janome Sewist 721

Height 5′ 7″
Age: 46
High Bust 35″
Full Bust 37″
Waist 29″
Hip 40″

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