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Meet Rebecca

Rebecca posing in Greece Sew Pomona Sewing Blog Profile Picture

Hello & Welcome to my Blog!

I’m Rebecca, and I’m so glad you’re here! I’m an artist, designer, and seamstress, based in beautiful and sunny SE Florida. Enjoying a beautiful life with my husband, my two children-now teenagers, and our rescue Chiweenie, Suki.  This is where I share my love for sewing, travel, embroidery, gardening, natural dyeing, and everything in between.

I believe that fashion should be sustainable, and my goal is to inspire you to create beautiful, ethical, and eco-friendly garments that you’ll cherish for years to come.

I’m excited to take you on a journey through the world of sewing, as we explore pattern reviews, patternmaking tips, wardrobe and travel planning ideas, and inspiration for creating a curated handmade wardrobe. I believe that fashion should be sustainable, and my aim is to inspire others to create beautiful, ethical, and eco-friendly garments that will last for years.

When I’m not sewing up a storm in my small home studio, I love spending time with my family. You’ll likely find us lounging on the beach, sipping coffee with a good book, or planning our next adventure. My ultimate goal is to create a beautiful and sustainable life for myself and my loved ones, and I’m thrilled to have you join me on this journey.

I started Sew Pomona as a way to share my love for sewing and all things handmade. As a child, I loved creating with my hands, whether it was drawing, painting, or making clothes for my dolls. I went to the University of Hartford, Hartford Art School (HAS) and received my BFA in Printmaking with a focus on Lithography, Etching and Bookmaking. I did a study abroad in Cortona, Italy my junior year and traveled all over Europe for a month which began my lifelong love of travel.

My children in Greece

After having children I learned to sew as a creative outlet in the midst of motherhood. I was looking for a new way to create that didn’t involve the chemicals and equipement I used in my printmaking and oil painting practices. I first began experimenting with historical reproductions and costuming as well as doll-making. I then ventured into crafts and baby clothes when the kids were small. Only then did I discover the world of dressmaking. I found that sewing my own clothing was not only a wonderful creative outlet, but also a way to express my style and feel confident in my own skin. 

English Paper Piecing EPP Travel Sewing. Athens Greece Family Vacation, Eclectic Intuition by Katarina Roccella for AGF

Over the years, I’ve honed my skills and developed my own style. I love experimenting with different fabrics, patterns, and techniques to create unique garments that reflect my personality and values. I’m also passionate about natural dyeing and use eco-friendly methods to color my fabrics. 

Sustainability is a core value of Sew Pomona, and I believe that we can all make a difference by creating our own clothes and reducing our impact on the environment. By using high-quality materials and taking care of our garments, we can minimize waste and support a more ethical and sustainable fashion industry. 

  • sewing, of course!
  • embroidery (check out my embroidered jeans and vintage beach coat, Pocket embroidered skirts (2) and Haslam Pj’s.
  • knitting (I love my Slope knit tank and Linas)
  • reading (mysteries and sci-fi as well as lit and biographies + you can follow me on  Goodreads)
  • patternmaking and drafting (here’s a recent post)
  • drawing and painting (working on a mural in our stairwell!)
  • printmaking (my college major-BFA Univ. of Hartford)
  • decorating (I was a Home Furnishing Visual Merchandiser pre-kids)
  • gardening (I just replanted our garden with Thai Double Blue Pea’s and my Sky Vine is coming back to life with a vengeance!)
  • cooking and baking

In addition to sewing, I enjoy embroidery and natural dyes. I find embroidery to be a meditative practice and love incorporating it into my sewing projects. I also enjoy gardening and have a small herb and vegetable garden that provides fresh ingredients for my natural dyeing experiments. And when I’m not making you’ll most likely catch me at the beach or traveling with my family.

My Sewing Equipment & Gear

Janome Sewist 721

This machine was purchased to replace my older Singer Stylist. The easy to use basic stitches and the strong motor were its key selling points. I was looking for a very simple basic machine with no computerized features. I don’t use many decorative stitches but do require a strong durable workhorse. This machine has some really cool stretch stitches as well as an easy to use buttonhole maker. Love it!

Juki MO-654DE Serger

The best serger I’ve owned yet. Sews like a dream and very quiet. This was an upgrade to my basic serger and what a difference a quality machine makes. This thing can handle anything from silk to denim.

Brother 2340CV Pacesetter

Very basic but functional coverstitch machine. Great for beginners. I’m looking to upgrade this machine in the future, but it does the job for now.

My Current Sizing:

I wanted to add my sizing and measurements to this page for reference, so anyone interested in sewing similar patterns I feature on my blog can use them as a guide. In most Indie patterns I’m a size 8-10 and wear a size 12-14 in Vogue, McCall’s and Simplicity.

My usual adjustments : lengthen waist 1″ and a narrow back adjustment.

Height 5′ 7″
Age: 47
High Bust 35″
Full Bust 37″
Waist 29″
Hip 40″

I hope that Sew Pomona inspires you to embrace your creativity, make your own clothes, and live a more sustainable lifestyle. Whether you’re a seasoned seamstress or a beginner, there’s something for everyone here.

Join me on this journey towards a more beautiful, ethical, and fulfilling life. 

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