Mini Cottesloe + Rashguard Set- Sewing for Kids

Summer is still going strong here in Florida even with the kids back in school. I sew the kids at least one new swim set every year-they grow like weeds! The Mini Cottesloe just launched over at Megan Nielsen Patterns…perfect timing to share some summer makes. I was a tester for the version I’m showing you today. Ami is really looking forward to another- especially since she’s actually already outgrown this suit…..and I made it in June!!!

I also made this two piece Rashy set for beach days. The sun is crazy strong here so full coverage is a must. I hate having to load everyone up with sunscreen constantly. The organic/ natural product I use isn’t cheap so I’m team Rashguard!

The top is McCall’s M7417, which is available for kids and women (two separate patterns) and self drafted capri leggings. The top has some nice panel details (check out my earlier version here.) Ami wears these leggings constantly, though the rashy is almost too small now too. She’s going to be a very tall girl! Of course my grandmother is 6ft, I’m actually considered short in my family at a measly 5’7″.

I was a pattern tester for the mini Cottesloe bikini so what you’re seeing here in the space cats print is that earlier version. The top is the High waisted Bikini View D in a size 9 and the Low Rise Bottoms in a Size 8. I just love this cat print! Freaking adorable! Ami and her dad have a tradition of getting cat print crazy tee shirts. He’s allergic so no cats allowed in our home so cat prints it is.

All the Details:


Mini Cottesloe, Megan Nielson Patterns

(Top View D Size 9, Bottoms View C Size 8)

Mini Cottesloe Swimsuit

McCalls M7417 Girls Rashguard Size 8


Space Cats, Poly Spandex Swim Knit Oak Fabrics OOS

Activewear Spandex print from JoAnn’s

Because I made this suit in June and sent back my tester review through a feedback form I don’t have all my progress notes for this suit. What I do remember is what great instructions Megan has, a beginner could easily try this pattern. I’m really looking forward to making Amelie another.

I originally made this as View D the High waisted bikini but the fit on Ami wasn’t great. She’s pretty straight through the body (and tends to gain weight in her belly before a big growth spurt…which just happened) so I cut the bottoms down to the View C low rise and added a waistband. Much better fit for her shape. The top was a bit tight at the bottom for the same reason. I don’t like to grade much when testing so I probably would do that on a future version. For comparison Her measurements when I made this were 27/25/28 which put her in a size 9 Chest, Size 11 Waist, and Size 8 Bottom.

What I love most about this suit is the simple shape and that low back. It’s really pretty. I really want to make the version with the back tie though that’s not really Ami’s style. She’s more sporty.

She actually just asked me to make her another version of the free pattern I drafted ages ago for the blog, so I may have to revisit that pattern in a larger size.

The last few weeks have flown by in a blur. We originally thought hurricane Dorian was coming straight toward us so we were crazy busy with Hurricane prep. We got super lucky, but it was a good practice run. We got up the storm shutters no problem and with our new home I had a lot more room to prep my pantry this year.

This time around I started a month before storm season, adding a bit at a time and it made it so much easier. I also try to keep my car full of gas so I can avoid the rush before a storm. I always think its hilarious seeing all these people buying up huge amounts of bottled water. Do they not realize they can bottle/store tap water??? My big focus was packing away my sewing gear and getting my patterns secure. I also had a library run and set aside some hand sewing and knitting, just in case the power was down. Priorities!

Anyway, all that prep, plus a lot of work and getting everything ready for back to school kept me super busy. Hardly any time to sew, and none to blog. Excited to share some more makes in the weeks ahead and get sewing again!

Hope you all had an amazing summer! Our summer was lovely. A bit more relaxed this year with some fun day trips here in Davie. I always wish the kids had off during winter though. It’s so hot here in the summer that it’s a real shame to have all this time off that is spent indoors. We actually go to the beach more the rest of the year.

Right now I’m really looking forward to my fall sewing. I just sketched up some looks and ordered my first fabrics for my fall sewing plans. Blackbird Fabrics just restocked some gorgeous light wash Japanese denim yesterday that I bought immediately. I have a fall sewing wardrobe post in the works. Plus a few more completed makes from summer to show off.

Happy Sewing!

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