The End of Me Made May: Days 23 to 31

It’s the end of Me Made May.  It was interesting documenting this month since I was back and forth between my new home in Plantation and staying with my parents in Estero to finish out Nigel’s school year.  Less than a week to go now!  I tried not to stress this year with taking pics and got into a nice flow documenting the day by the last two weeks. The best part of documenting was seeing how much my handmade wardrobe has grown and how versatile it’s become.

I didn’t wear quite a few pieces- some were out of season and some I realized I just don’t like. Like the coral vintage dress I finished last month.  Not sure if it’s the color or the silhouette but I just didn’t want to wear it out.  Time to refashion- maybe into a skirt?  I always come up with a nice remake pile by the end of the month.  I love all the outfit combos I came up with plus a lot of older pieces were mended or refashioned as I went along.

What I’m really stunned by-  I had no outfit repeats for the entire month!  Everything in my wardrobe is really getting much more cohesive.  I’m glad it’s in a nice place right now since after the summer I’ll most likely start working again when the kids will both be in school.  I won’t have the sewing time for myself that I’ve enjoyed as a SAHM.  Not sure yet what I’ll do.  I may start my business or maybe look for a job locally-maybe a fabric store?  The kids get out at 2pm next year which really limits things.

So here’s what I wore the last week:

MMM Day 23:

Anne Klein V1382 top I mended with stripe bias edges and like 10x better now and Marcy Tilton V8499 pants.



MMM Day 24:

Back at the Naples Botanical Gardens in a dress that I didn’t actually sew.  It’s a wrap dress from Boden that I’ve had for 10+ years.  I used shibori dye with indigo to alter it.  Worn with a me-made slip and Grainline Stowe Bag for my knitting.

DSCN0304 DSCN0307


MMM Day 25:

Grainline Tiny Pocket Tank and Indigo dyed jeans.  One of my regular outfits.


MMM Day 26:

White Linen Blouse (Shape Shape) + Marcy Tilton V8499 Pants. We saw a beautiful beach sunset with my husbands family (visiting from the UK, Wyoming and CO).  Plus new prescription sunglasses from eyebuydirect.  Love them :)


Kids at the beach- MMM Sew Pomona Kids at the beach- MMM Sew PomonaDSCN0340


MMM Day 27:

Polka Dot Parade- Friday Theme. Spring cleaning the apartment today in a self drafted raglan top and Carolyn PJ Shorts (unblogged.) The start of a wonderful long weekend in Plantation.  Nigel had his checkup and is all better from his bout of pneumonia-what a relief!

DSCN0341 DSCN0342


MMM Day 28:

In my hand-dyed SBCC Lemon Drop that I modified to a maxi dress. This rainy day was spent at Sawgrass Mills Mall with the family.

DSCN0344 DSCN0347


MMM Day 29:

Wearing my navy midi dress.   I love being comfy at home and worn with flip flops this dress is perfectly casual-one of my husbands favs.  I also wore a new bikini and rashguard to the pool but can’t share yet -pattern testing :).

DSCN0388 DSCN0389

MMM Day 30:

Memorial Day- Wearing a Shape Shape Outfit, one of my oldest makes, recently mended with new buttons and redyed a few months ago.  Sleeveless Scarf Blouse and Flared wave Skirt. 

DSCN0393 (2) DSCN0394


Last Day of MMM! Day 31:

Wearing a fav Grainline tiny pocket tee made from my daughter’s baby wrap and the first jeans I made that were just mended with some simple sashiko stitches and linen patches.

DSCN0401 DSCN0402 (2) MMM Days 23-31 and Recap #mmmay16

And here’s what I wore all month long!

MMM 2016 Collage- Sew Pomona #mmmay16

Hope you had an amazing Me Made May too!  Happy Sewing!

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  1. I’m glad to hear your son is better! I really like the tank with the bias edges and triangle fabric. The Tiny Pocket tanks are great too. I was always interested in that pattern, but haven’t tried it. Good job with MMMay! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks so much Lisa! I like that tank top so much better since changing the facing to that striped binding. You should definitely give that Tiny pocket tank a try. I know mine get a ton of wear, a real wardrobe staple. :)

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