My Capsule Wardrobe-Wardrobe Architect Week 9

I’m starting to plan out what I’ll be making for my Capsule Wardrobe for the Spring/Summer! Last weeks post over at Wardrobe Architect for Week 9 was so helpful for narrowing down my ideas into what I really need in my wardrobe.  Spring is definitely in the air and I’m excited to start sewing!  Here are my paired down major looks for the spring from my polyvore sets:

Look 1:  Tank, Linen/ Lightweight Pants, Sandals

Look 2:  Cropped Tee, Long Skirt, Pretty Underthings, Tote, Flats

Look 3:  Knit Natural Waist Dress

Look 4:  Short Sleeve Blouse/Tank, Shorts, Sandals/Flats

All these looks also work mixed together which should make for a very versatile wardrobe.   As far as sewing goes I already have some me-made skirts,  some great linen pants, and a few me-made blouses for these looks.  I’m planning on sticking to my wider color palette and not narrowing it down like suggested in Week 10 since most of my clothes are worn year round due to our temperate weather and I really want to have a more colorful wardrobe.  

new pretty underthings-  I’m using the bra making books from Jennifer Lynne Matthews-Fairbanks, Bare Essentials Series ( Bras and Underwear)  and ordered my supplies through her site, Porcelynne’s Fabric Boutique :)  I really need some new underwear as I’m finally back to my pre-breastfeeding sizing :(  At one point I was up to a DD but now back to an A cup.

I’m also signing up for Me Made May 2014!  Really excited to participate for the first time this year!  I’m pledging to wear one handmade piece a day for the month of May!  You can find out all about it here at So, Zo…What do you Know’s blog and sign up!

2 thoughts on “My Capsule Wardrobe-Wardrobe Architect Week 9”

  1. Ooh I like your look boards & your spring sewing ideas! I’m planning to take part in MMM again this year – it was so much fun last year! Looking forward to seeing your spring makes!

    1. Thanks so much Kathyrn! I can’t wait to start sewing- it was so much fun planning out my makes :) Looking forward to MMM too!

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