Naturally Dyed Flared Wave Skirt


I am just in love with this pattern.  Super easy to sew up and so comfortable to wear.  I really need to make a few more!

This pattern is from one of my favorite sewing pattern books, Shape Shape, Sewing Clothing Patterns to Wear Multiple Ways by Natsuno Hiraiwa.  I have made up a few patterns and really love the fit on me.  I should add that though I’m usually a size 6 off the rack I need to use the size large patterns (they are offered in s,m,l).

I made the Flared Wave Skirt out of Natural Sophisticate which is a really lovely mix of flax and silk with a nice hand that I bought from Near Sea Naturals.  I often shop from their online store (they’re out of Asheville NC) since they offer a great selection of sustainable, fair trade and organic fabrics and notions.

Sew Pomona

I then folded and wrapped my fabric along with some hand stitching to prepare it for the dye bath.  I first gave it a bath in a tannin solution and then used my alum to pre-mordant the fabric.  I went with red cabbages as my dye source since I live in a small condo with two kids and didn’t want to have any fumes to deal with.  I love how the color came out, a subtle mix of lavenders, blues ( I added vinegar to my second soak) and browns.  This pattern really shows off the dye pattern since it is cut on two different grains as it curves around the body.

Naturally Dyed Flared Wave Skirt at Sew Pomona

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