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Here’s my second version of the Nautilus Swimsuit by Seamstress Erin Designs altered to a Tankini.  This was my second tester suit and originally was the one piece version, view A (images below). My body fabric, a blue swim spandex, was just not working.  The body was pulling down the top and the shine on the fabric was just not doing it for me.  I decided I’d try to salvage the top, ripping out my stitches, and altering to a tankini.

Honestly, I’m not loving this suit as much as my first version.  It’s really comfortable and the fabric is pretty so it’s getting lots of wear.  I just don’t think it’s as flattering on me.   I may alter this again or just refashion it for daughter.  The floral fabric is sold out, but it’s from The Fabric Fairy.  It’s really nice and soft and the colors are so pretty.


Here are the Before Pictures of my Swimsuit:

Nautilus One piece (before image) Sew Pomona Nautilus One Piece(Before) Sew Pomona

You can see in the Before Images how the back gaped a bit and the bodice was pulling. While I liked the idea of the navy bottom’s this fabric was just too thick and shiny.  The tester version of the pattern was updated- with more info on fitting the body-after I made this version so I may go back and make another full piece version-but probably not until next summer.  If you’re making this swimsuit be sure and checkout the Nautilus Swimsuit Sewalong .

nautilustankini3 nautilustankini2

I’m not going to go into as much detail with all the construction since I think I covered everything in my last bikini post.  The top here is a size 2 C/D cup with light foam inserts  and the bottoms are a modified size 8.  The top fits better than my first version since I sized down but the lightweight cups don’t give as much support or shape.

I used the narrower elastic that was recommended for the bottoms-1/4 in- and decided I really prefer 3/8-1/2″ on my swimsuits for a more secure fit.  I’m always adjusting my bottoms as they ride up.  My other version doesn’t have this issue.

To alter this to a tankini I just made a tube of fabric based on the length of a RTW tankini I own and attached it the same way you do for the one piece suit.  The back has elastic that was tightened/stretched as I stitched it for a more secure fit. I also modified the bottoms here the same way I did last time raising the waist.


Hope you’re all enjoying the summer as much as I am!  Stay tuned-I’ll be posting about our  family beach days + my morning yogurt recipe later this week.  Happy Summer!

Nautulis Tankini- Sew Pomona


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  1. I am always so impressed when I see swimwear. Sewing with that slippery slidey fabric can’t be fun. I do like the colors- and I like the change you made to all one color. I think it looks great (we are always our own worst critics!)

    1. Thanks Laurie! Most of the swim fabrics I’ve used are suprisingly easy to sew, just like any other knit. It just a matter of practice I think with swim and lingerie sewing. I am glad I switched the suit to all one color too and I know I’m so my own worst critic. :) I think I’m just more picky now, especially about my finishes and fit.

  2. What great fabric and another lovely Nautilus. You have such a lovely beach wardrobe! I think you’re right about the swimsuit fabrics being a lot easier to sew than you would think. My serger much prefers them over other knits like rayon or really thin curling poly/cotton knits. I can’t quite get a clean rolled hem which is a bummer when the serger otherwise does so well, but a standard hem on my sewing machine with a stretch needle and with a zigzag stitch works just fine.

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! I know I’m much more apprehensive sewing a sheer lightweight fabric or thin knit then swim material. I’m debating right now whether to make another swimsuit- I don’t really need one, but they’re so fun to make up. :)

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