Oldie but Goodie- My Hawthorn

hawthorn dress sew Pomona

I thought I’d share with you today one of my favorite makes, the Hawthorn from Colette patterns!  I made this one what seems like ages ago- but actually just last June, as part of the Hawthorn Sew Along over at the Coletterie, before I started blogging.  I took some new photos of this dress when Ami and I were out at the Naples Botanical Gardens last week to see the Lego sculpture displays-which were awesome!  You can see more pics on my Facebook page and you can also read about Ami’s little frock here :)  This was my first attempt at an intermediate pattern, and I was so impressed with how it turned out!  I’m planning on making another version next month, the peplum blouse version, for April’s Seeing Double challenge over at The Monthly Stitch and thought I should add this version to the blog so you can see both:)

Hawthorn Dress Sew Pomona
Hawthorn Dress Sew Pomona
Hawthorn Dress Sew Pomona

I cut this pattern in a straight size 8 with no alterations.  I love Colette patterns since the really tend to fit me to a T.  Since they’re sized for a C cup I rarely have to do any adjustments.  I’ve also made a few versions of the Colette Laurel shift dress, which really got me excited on sewing clothes for myself.  After making those I really felt so much more confident in my sewing skills.  Can’t wait to try out some more of they’re patterns!  Sarai’s blog is one of my favs to follow- I’m really loving working with the Wardrobe Architect series right now…though I haven’t posted about it in a bit- I am still working on it.  Mostly adding to my pinterest boards– check them out the WA ones are at the top of my page- I’m totally addicted!

Anyway- this dress was made in a Linen cotton stripe blend I found at Joann’s.  I LOVE this stripe, the colors are so nice, just a hint of blue and blush with the tan, and it has a really nice hand to it.  I worked really hard on matching up the stripes as best as I could with the yardage I had (you can see the flipped stripe on the circle skirt above) and I think it turned out great for my first go.  I also was super happy with the buttons I found, they really complete this dress.  What I’m proudest of with this dress is the collar though- it turned out perfectly- plus lovely facings throughout :)  This dress was actually supposed to be my wearable muslin but since I needed no adjustments it’s probably my most worn dress!  My fav part of this dress is that it buttons down the front.  If you’re a full term breastfeeding mama like I am you know how great this is!  I can just wear a light tank underneath and still discreetly nurse in this dress.  One of the main reasons I wear this one as much as I do.

Hawthorn Dress Sew Pomona
Hawthorn Dress Sew Pomona

Happy sewing!

18 thoughts on “Oldie but Goodie- My Hawthorn”

  1. I LOVE this! It looks great on you and has great lines that are very flattering. Tons of buttons. You did such a nice job.

  2. Talking about wearable muslins today :-)
    It’s beautiful and the details like the collar are very nice.
    I have not sewn it yet, even though everybody else has.
    Keep on and sew a couple more :-)

    Herzliche Grüße,

  3. It’s gorgeous! I have much trepidation when it comes to Colette patterns — I have never gotten the fit right. Your Hawthorn makes me want to try again…

  4. Wow! This dress is beautiful! I really wasn’t too sold on the Hawthorn dress, but you have completely changed my mind! And those buttons are perfect!

    1. Thanks so much Nishi! I really love this pattern- can’t wait to make another! You should definitely give it a try :)

    1. Thanks so much Tanya! I really love this dress :) Also thanks so much for the Liebster Award nomination! Very cool! I’m really enjoying your blog too- glad I found you through the Monthly Stitch!

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