Orange Poppies Self Drafted Tank

As soon as I saw this gorgeous fabric I fell in love! Poppies have always been my favorite flower to draw, I used them quite a bit in my early printmaking. The oranges and teal/ grey on this wheat background is just perfection.

This was my splurge purchase for myself at Christmas as this fabric is $40/yd. I figured I’d buy 1 yd and use it for a bag. I hadn’t realized how lightweight and drapey it would be a s a linen and immediately rethought that plan and went with a tank design. I’m very tempted to order more for a dress when it comes back in stock this spring. The drape of this fine linen is so lovely and the colors are so vivid.

All the Details:

Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics

This fabric is currently out of stock, but more is on the way! We expect to have it back in stock in Spring 2021.

This beautiful lightweight linen has great drape and a soft hand. It is not sheer and would be perfect for tops, dresses, skirts, and light jackets.

Content: 100% linen
Width: 43″
Designer: Hokkoh
Country of Origin: Japan


self drafted v-neck tank with facings, back yoke and flared bodice drafted using my bodice sloper

I drafted this off my v-neck bodice draft that has a french dart and bust adjustments for the v-neck already designed into it. I simply removed the dart and left it open to add more ease and a looser drape and then added a bit more ease at the side seam angling it out so its fitted to the bust. The back also has darts for a closer fit that I almost always need. I added the yoke in back to make my pattern fit the yardage I had. They lined up almost perfectly so this is a great solution for piecing small yardage. I then drafted facings in a cotton batiste under-stitched and topstitched in place.

Another great bonus is that this colorway matches perfectly with so much of my wardrobe. I’m wearing it here with my orange drawstring shorts but it also goes perfectly with my rust culottes and many shades of blue. Orange and blue have always been my two favorite colors.

On the Homefront:

As she can see in these images I’m beginning to walk again! It’s so nice to be able to get around more easily. I still have a limp as I haven’t regained full mobility of my foot back yet but I no longer need my walker or cane. Last weekend I was able to weed my garden which was a real boost.

Wednesday was my daughter Ami’s 10th birthday! We celebrated all day long plus she got another visit from her grandparents who are fully vaccinated. She got new summer clothes (she really loves fashion but we have very different style) as well as new bedding and a trip out of the house with her grandparents for froyo! Bonus my mom drove me to get my second vaccine dose (Pfizer) the next day. I’m so glad to be fully vaxxed- though I got quite sick afterward (fever/body-aches/chills/arm pain) but it passed within 2 days and I feel totally back to normal now.

Happy Me Made May! I’m on year 8 now! My pledge this year is a bit basic. I have an almost fully me made wardrobe but have definitely been going for comfort over style these days with my ankle injury, my work schedule, and the pandemic. So I’m going to take it easier on myself while still taking daily photos which I really love having a record of for outfit ideas. Here’s my pledge: I, Rebecca @sewpomona, pledge to wear handmade garments as much as possible throughout May 2021.

Happy Sewing and Happy Me Made May!

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