Organic White Denim Morgan Jeans

Here’s my latest make for my work wardrobe, a pair of organic white denim Morgan jeans. My most professional looking pair of jeans yet!  I just love the fit and finish! Plus it’s my second completed project for my #2017MakeNine!  I’m working on projects #3 and #4: the Vogue shorts and Odgen Cami below.  Planning out my makes for this Instagram challenge is such great motivation!

P.S.-I didn’t make the shirt⇑ in these pics-it’s RTW from my work.

I wanted a simple pair of jeans that would be work appropriate.  I was inspired by a menswear jean we carry at Club Monaco.  Super simple straight leg with minimal detail and silver accents.  I’ve admired this jean pattern for quite awhile- I LOVE Button fly jeans! – but finding a nice organic denim took some time to find. I prefer a structured denim with no stretch since I think they last so much longer.  I bought the denim from Organic Cottons Plus and it’s a dream to work with.  It’s a nice sturdy weight at 11oz but not to thick for stitching the seams.  I used the button fly jean supply kit in silver from Closet Case Patterns too.


All the Details:


Morgan Boyfriend Jeans,  Closet Case Patterns size 10.

Morgan Boyfriend Jeans pattern // by Closet Case Patterns

slim boyfriend jeans featuring a mid-rise, traditional five pocket construction,  contoured waistband, tapered leg and button fly.

Fabric + Supplies-

Organic White Denim from Organic Cottons Plus

60 inches W, 11 oz., 100% Organic Cotton lightened to white with GOTS-approved hydrogen peroxide. Made in India.

Button Fly Kit (I chose nickel)

  • 8 x rivets
  • 2 x  17mm jeans button
  • 5 x 15mm “button fly” buttons
  • 2 x Schmetz jeans needles ( I love that this kit had the jeans needles too-One less trip to the store!)

White Organic All Purpose Thread (leftover from a past project)


I made very few changes to this pattern which was a lovely change from most jean patterns I’ve used before. You can see my past jeans here and here.  I compared the fit to my sloper and then slightly scooped out the back and then took a  1″ wedge out of the back yoke which I’ll increase a bit on my next pair.  The fit is fantastic! The only thing I may alter next time is to raise the waist on these since I do like my jeans closer to my natural waistline.  I think I’ll always have a tiny tummy after having the kiddos (unless I start hitting the gym which I just can’t see happening any time soon!) so a higher waist is much more comfortable for me.

This pattern has the best instructions by far for sewing jeans!  I found the fly insertion so easy. And I love the pockets (same idea as the one’s in The Carolyn PJ’s).  Every time I make jeans I get a bit better and this make has my best fit and finish by far.  I’ll tell you my new trick for denim:  I keep my hem extra long and unfinished (serged but not stitched) for at least a few washings before hemming.  My jeans always shrink in length (sometimes after a few months!) My last jeans I had to remove the hem and add a binding to keep the length. So this pair had an extra 2″ to start which is now perfect.

I’ve been wearing these to work quite a bit, especially with my Club Monaco Rylie shirt in a light indigo lyocell you see in the pictures. I made the jeans specifically to wear with this shirt!  I’ve also started making more bags.  Prior to this I’ve mostly just made backpacks for my son so I’m trying to increase my skills and repertoire.

The Navy floral backpack was made with the remnants of the fabric from my Carolyn PJ’s (it was also used as my pocket linings on these jeans) and wool for the straps is from my Tweed Skirt. The Wax Stripe Bag was made out of the leftovers from my Rue Dress muslin.  I had some fit issues with that dress(now resolved I just need to order fabric) and hated to waste the fabric.  I had to piece it together a bit but I love how it looks as a bag.  It was a bit much for a full dress. The Floral Bag was made with McCalls M6410 View C Minus the extra pockets and zipper and The Stripe Bag was made using M6579 view D, a Nancy Zieman 30 minute pattern.  Both were quick sews.  Plus now I have lots more bag options!  I’m working on the projects in The Better Bag Maker by Nicole Mallalieu too.

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I’ve just finished up all my Disney makes for Ami! You can see my sketches on Instagram. She now has a beautiful Elena dress plus skirted shorts and tees for Cinderella and Snow White. If I have time I’ll make her a Jasmine swim rashy set.  I had such fun designing and sewing them up that I’m making myself some Disney Bound looks too!  I feel like every few months I get totally motivated to sew and just go full speed. The past month has seen me sewing every chance I get.  Can’t wait to share more!  Happy sewing!

17 thoughts on “Organic White Denim Morgan Jeans”

  1. These are amazing! I keep looking for white denim to make myself a pair of gingers but maybe I need Morgans :) How do you find the recovery on the denim?

    1. Thanks Alexandra! The recovery la great. They stretch out slightly with wear after a few days but go right back after washing. I love them!

    1. Thanks Lisa! I think everyone was sizing up for a loose fit which la suggested in the pattern. I made mine in my size and the fit is perfect.

  2. These are perfect! Possible to wear dressed up and down, white jeans are so versatile. And I thought I had found the perfect pattern, now I’ll have to start all over again – thanks for your review. You look great

    1. Thanks so much! It’s really a great pattern. The quality of the instructions alone makes it worth the purchase!

  3. I love the fit of the jeans, and daring to wear white –you go girl! The bags are also terrific!

  4. Wow, they look great on you! I am considering wandering into the world of sewing jeans, but I don’t know where to start, skinny, relaxed, which colour… It’s many choices to make.

    1. Thanks Helena! I say start simple and build from there. Go with a silhouette you have worn before in a basic denim. Once you start making jeans it gets addictive!

  5. They look awesome and your fitting and styling is ace lady! I’ve sewn one pair of Safran and moving on to Gingers. I hope mine look as professional!

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