Organizing and Planning my Sewing

Today was a cleaning/organizing day (+ a ton of laundry and toy cleanup) that I needed to catch up on since I’ve been relaxing for vacation!   I weeded through my closet, set aside a bag for donations, a bag for mending, and a bag for pieces that have nice fabric that I can reuse for the kids. This year I want to focus on sewing pieces that I’m missing in my closet as well as challenge myself and  learn some new skills.  I noticed half of my closet consists of dresses that I don’t wear often since I’m still nursing.  So no more dresses for a while, I really need more tops and layering pieces.   I want to try to make some lingerie (including nursing bras, a racerback or two and some sports bras) and I want to try a swimsuit, I love the Retro Bombshell pattern from Closet Case Files on Etsy!

Wardrobe planning for RTW Fast at Sew Pomona

 So far I’m planning on taking a few courses  through Craftsy, starting with the Sewing Designer Jeans with Angela Wolf.  I’m also planning on taking a pattern draping class and maybe the beginner serger class.  I really want to work on improving my sewing skills and try not to rush through my patterns.  I’m also thinking ahead to how I want to dye my fabrics and try out some printing and stamping techniques.  I’m going to try to stick with all natural organic undyed fabrics (mainly cotton, linen and maybe some peace silk) and dye them all myself. 

Wardobe planning for RTW Fast at Sew Pomona

I also spent what felt like ages updating all my pinterest boards for my sewing.  I redid them so I now have a board in every clothing category for sewing my wardrobe as well as adding all the patterns I’d love to sew to my sewing patterns board.  My husband got me a gift card to Joann’s so I’m planning out what patterns I want to buy now, especially since I have so many good coupons!

I also came up with the best way to organize my sewing and computer space in my small condo.  I was sewing at my mom’s the other day looking for a place to sew and came up with sewing on the ledge of the hightop kitchen counter since her table is a glass top. As soon as I got home I had to set it up. I had just seen a video from Mama Natural on her new treadmill desk and was so jealous put this works great so I’m not sitting all day. I love being able to stand up and sew, as well as type, and can easily transfer my machine to the table if working on a large project!

Happy Sewing!

8 thoughts on “Organizing and Planning my Sewing”

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! It was fun to see a new face there. I love the idea of sewing with a plan during the RTW fast this year. I always seem to sew whatever strikes my fancy but then end up often not using clothing pieces that don’t go with anything. So like you, I think I’m going to look for holes in my wardrobe that need to be filled.

    1. Thanks for visiting here too! It’s so interesting checking out the blogs of some of the RTW Fasters, such a variety of sewers! I know I’m excited to start sewing and planning everything out will hopefully result in more regularly worn pieces.

  2. Your sewing space is compact yet efficient. I will take some tips from you. I also like using the Cook Book holder with the acrylic spatter shield for pattern work and typing work. I’ll use that idea. LOVE the color blend!

    1. Thanks so much! I’m really happy with how this setup turned out, and the cookbook stand makes it so easy to view pattern’s while sewing.

  3. I have never tried standing up to sew before!
    You are right, you definitely need to plan, especially as we’re taking up the RTW Fast. I have lots of ideas floating around and need to get them down on paper.

    1. I hadn’t tried it before either but I’m loving it, so nice to not sit so much! Really excited for the RTW Fast- I needed the motivation! :)

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