Quebracho Rojo dyed Burda Makes

Burda Blouse dyed with Quebracho Rojo.

Here are some of my newest makes, all dyed last week with Quebracho Rojo!  I ordered my dye from Botanical Colors and love the color results! I used an alum mordant before dyeing and the pants were treated with tannin as well. The color is perfect, a nice peachy coral shade, and really consistent in my wardrobe thanks to my Wardrobe Architect planning!  The blouse is Burda 117 Lux Tee  in an Organic Lycra Mix from Fabric Treasury on Etsy.  The pants are Burda 118 drawstring pants made from Organic Cotton Double Gauze also from Fabric Treasury.  Ami’s dress is a refashion from a year ago that she wanted to put in the dye pot with my makes :)  I also overdyed my indigo pants (they’re now slightly more grey blue/purple now) and dyed some Organic Cotton from Near Sea Naturals with the remnants of the dye pot that I’ll be making into a dress soon for TMS Indie Pattern Month!  Can’t wait to show that one off!

Dye pot going with Quebracho Rojo

For the Burda Blouse 117, below, I made this up in a size 80(Tall) and shortened the bottom band to make the length a bit more cropped.  I really like the shape of this pattern, so fresh and modern!  Plus it could easily be lengthened to a tunic or dress.  This worked out wonderfully in my organic cotton lycra fabric which has a very light amount of stretch. The color is actually a bit more pink in person.  This was a pretty simple piece to put together until I got to the neck notch.  Because of my stretch fabric it was really hard to keep the shape.  It took a bit of fiddling to make it work.  I also cut the back as one piece instead of two leaving out the zipper since I knew I could easily get in and out of this top.  I love Burda’s pattern layout but wish the instructions were clearer.  I doubt I could have made this easily when I was a newbie.

Burda Blouse dyed with Quebracho Rojo.
Burda Blouse dyed with Quebracho Rojo.
Burda Blouse dyed with Quebracho Rojo.

Here you can see more of the dye on the back of the blouse- there is actually a slight pattern that I found really hard to photograph!  It adds just enough interest to the back of the top without fighting the simplicity of the pattern.  I also love the notch at the neck and the kimono like sleeve!  Great pattern!

Burda Blouse dyed with Quebracho Rojo.

Here’s Ami in her dyed dress. She was so excited to dye her outfit pink!  She’s such a great little helper!

Ami's refashioned dress dyed with Quebracho Rojo.

These are my newly dyed Burda 118 pants.  Originally I dyed them in alkanet but they were just a bit too beige so I overdyed them in the Quebracho Rojo. The original undyed double gauze  was quite sheer looking, but once dyed nice and opaque. These are even more comfy than my yoga pants- I need to make more!

I cut these in a size 40 and decided to leave off the welt pockets in the back- which I wouldn’t use- as well as altering the waistband.  I had an old skirt that I reused to make a fold over band instead of the drawstring.  I love the shape of these pockets- It’s why I chose the pattern!  These were pretty easy to make, the only thing I’ll alter next time is to add more length.  These are great for summer rolled up- which is how I envisioned them, but they’re slightly short when unrolled.  I am making a franken-pattern of these pants plus my fav linen pants to draft a second pair in cream striped linen which will be wider legged.  In these pics from MMM they’re worn with my Anne Klein top V1382 which you can see here!

Burda 118- Organic Double Gauze pants dyed with Quebracho Rojo

I love both these makes!  This was my first go at Burda patterns- love these styles! Love the clean lines and instant gratification from a pdf pattern!  So happy with the color too!  Can’t wait to dye with Madder later this week.  Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend! We just got back from a much needed & wonderfully relaxing trip up to Venice FL.  You’ll see more pics of that on my weekly MMM wrap up on Thursday!  I went all out with me made clothes for our vacation!

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  5. Hi, just found your blog for the very first time and am DIGGING your style. Wondering, have you made more of these pants? Did you have to alter the waist so that the foldover band would fit better? Have you used them for yoga? Did you add a gusset in the crotch? Could you (I)? Been trolling for a perfect not-stretch yoga pants pattern and this is very close to my brain vision (-;

    1. Thanks so much! I’ve only made one pair so far but they are really comfy. I think they’d work great for yoga. I didn’t need to alter the waistband, because its a sturdy knit its comfortable but not restrictive since there’s no elastic. The pattern is pretty basic, no gusset, but easy to alter. Hope that helps :)

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