Quince Rib Knit 3/4 Sleeve Top

I’m sharing a super simple make today, this rib knit 3/4 sleeve top in Quince from Birch fabrics. This is one of the last makes I photographed from last year…and for some time to come. I ended the year with a bang- fracturing my ankle in not one but 3 places! I rang out the New Year in the hospital, the very last place I expected to be!

I won’t go into a ton of detail here but I fell hard while skateboarding with my daughter on my new longboard the day before New Years Eve. It cracked me up how entertained and impressed everyone was with me for injuring myself skateboarding..at least I have a great story! I spent a very painful week in the hospital with surgery on Jan. 4th. I have amazing doctors and nurses and received truly wonderful care in the hospital, especially considering the stress they must all be under working through this pandemic. I’ve been out now for almost two weeks and its been quite an adjustment. I won’t be weight bearing on my foot for quite a few weeks more so I’m really thankful I have so many hobbies to keep myself busy.

I’m knitting a pullover with some lavender yarn I bought last year using a seed stitch pattern from Vogue Knitting and planning on doing some more elaborate embroidery in the coming weeks. I’ve stationed myself downstairs while I recover and rest so no sewing on the horizon for quite some time. I’m really lucky it was my left, non dominant foot, so at least I’ll be able to get back to sewing and driving a bit sooner. What’s really disappointing is I have so much beautiful fabric purchased before the holidays and just don’t have the energy to use any of it.

I’ve also been binging quite a bit of tv/movies which I never had time for at the beginning of the pandemic. I finally finished Schitt’s Creek, am catching up on the Crown, finished season 2 of In the Dark and watched a ton of comedies. And one of my favorites- Pretend it’s a City with Fran Lebowitz which really made me miss living in NYC! I got my husband and soon into binging Travels with My Father with Jack Whitehall which we’re really loving. His dad is hilarious- and such a typical British father! My husband was born in England (moved here when he was 6) so it’s just cracking us up!

All the Details:

Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics

Birch Fabrics – Organic Rib Knit – Quince Blossom 1 1/8yd

On to this make! I bought this last remnant piece of fabric from Stonemountain & Daughter since I loved the fabric I used to make my blue tank. There was 1 1/8 yd left so I scooped it up along with some other lovely fabrics. It’s a really nice stable knit and super easy to sew. I kept it simple with a basic 3/4 sleeve length, added a cuff and a simple banded neck. I used my fav method for constructing knits on the serger. I sew up one shoulder then stretch and sew my neckband in one folded piece before enclosing the second shoulder. Then I sew the sleeves in flat and attach the foldover cuffs with a bit of added tension before finishing off the side seams. Simple cover-stitch hem and done.

The pattern is based off my slopers and has slowly been adapted until the fit is pretty spot on now. This one is my go to for knit tops and easy to adapt the style. I really love a rib knit. So comfortabe and the added texture makes a simple solid feel a bit more special. Plus super comfy to wear. Worn here with my denim culottes.

One good thing that has come out of my injury is that my family realized how much I do keeping up the house. Now that I really can’t cook or clean at all they’ve had to pick up the slack. they’re doing a fab job and I think it’s really helped the kids become a bit more independent. Luckily for me my kids are on alternate school schedules so I can get help throughout the day. I get a knee scooter this week which who knew I’d be so excited for! Looking forward to being able to get around a bit more easily then I can with just my walker.

I made the most awesome pair of striped denim railroad pants two days before I injured myself that I can’t wait to share. I think once I get a cast put on I’ll be able to actually wear them! Thank goodness I prefer wide legs, otherwise they’d be useless! I really can’t wait until I can sew again- my current wardrobe is very limited. Getting anything over my wrapped foot and leg is a real hassle. I cut out a pair of hudson pants right before I hurt myself that I’ve been redesigning in my head since I was in the hospital. I’m going to add a banded button placket to each outer side seam so they’ll be wearable now and then can be removed later once my foot is finally healed.

Hopefully I’ll have more to share soon! Happy Sewing and Happy New Year!

4 thoughts on “Quince Rib Knit 3/4 Sleeve Top”

  1. Your slopers are gold! How relaxing and efficient it would be to take a new pattern, compare it to the sloper, and feel confident about which if any adjustments are needed. Or to create your own design from ground up. Or to have your go-to pants, skirt and T shirt layout ready at a moment’s notice.

    The thought of endless muslins keeps me from even starting some projects I’d like to get done. Maybe slopers should be my 2021 goal.

    That’s terrible news about your foot. May it heal well and may your muscles recover quickly. Chances are that yoga plus other balancing exercise have left you with better than average strength in your legs and feet, meaning that recovery might be faster. Hope so. It’s frustrating, being mobility impaired even temporarily.

    A better 2021 awaits.

    1. Having a well fitting sloper is an awesome goal! It really does make such a huge difference. Thanks so much for the well wishes! Hoping for a great 2021!

  2. What a lovely fit on that top! Must be great to have a set of slopers to adapt (and the skill to do it!).

    I’m currently loving Schitt’s Creek, don’t want it to end! Another tip is that Jack and Michael Whitehall wrote a book together a few years ago “Him & Me”. They’re both reading the audio version and are interrupting each other in the other’s chapter. I laughed out loud quite a bit on the train. Just a tip!

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