Refashioned Silk Grainline Tank

Refashioned Silk Grainline Tank, Sew Pomona

This look all started with the fabric, these two beautiful silks in navy and white.  I found a Diane von Furstenberg dress and a 70’s style collared button up long sleeveless blouse at Goodwill ages ago that I’ve been waiting to transform. The dress itself was a bit scary, just WAY too much going on.   Loose fit knee-length dress with a drawstring belt a square-cut collar plus puffed sleeves and two layers of ruffles at the hem- but the silk print was gorgeous!  The 70’s shirt with large collar was way too big but I was instantly drawn to the navy fern print.

Refashioned Silk Grainline Tank, Sew Pomona

Refashioned Silk Grainline Tank, Sew Pomona

Refashioned Silk Grainline Tank, Sew Pomona

Neither of these pieces yielded up much fabric after I took my seam ripper to them, but I love the way they look together.  My inspiration was this silk top from  Suno’s RTW line for Spring 2013 that I have on my sewing inspiration tops/blouses board on Pinterest.    I love how the tank is cut into panels and lets the prints shine. I used Grainline’s Tiny Pocket Tank pattern as my starting point, sans pocket, you can see my earlier versions here and here.

IMG_9950 Refashioned Silk Grainline Tank, Sew Pomona

My alteration to the pattern was to simply cut and separate the top into 3 panels front and back and then add back in the seam allowances.  I also shortened the length by about an inch and a half. I used french seams and bias as well as a simple tiny hem so this looks almost as pretty on the inside as it does outside.  I love Jen’s tips for getting bias to lay flat on the neckline-works every time!

Refashioned Silk Grainline Tank, Sew Pomona

Plus check out my cute new anthropologie shoes (christmas gift from my husband) above^, so fab!  I finally have a pair of dressy shoes I can wear comfortably all day.

Perfect simple top.  I love the subtle contrast of the two prints.  And the silk just makes this so elegant.  I love it paired with my new jeans too! Happy Sewing!Refashioned Silk Grainline Tank, Sew Pomona


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  1. These fabrics look great paired together! The tiny pocket tank is such a great oattern isn’t it? Your shoes look gorgeous too!

  2. those two fabrics look great together … Very clever more than a refashion I see a brilliant way to recover and reuse fabric :)

    1. Thanks! We do have some nice thrift and second hand shops here, though most are still really pricey. I think I was lucky with these finds! I miss the great deals I could get on vintage up north. :)

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