Refashioned Tee Shorts

I probably sew for my extended family just once a year or so, usually for Christmas gifts.  But as soon as my younger brother Adrian saw Nigel’s RHCP shorts he wanted some of his own.  He went out the very next day to pick up some Tee’s from Goodwill for me to refashion.  I whipped these up super fast since he was only in town for a week, so he could take them with him when he headed back to NYC.  I finished these assembly line style in an afternoon, brought them over to check fit and then finished them up the next day.

IMG_3462 Refashioned Tee Shorts

I’d already made my brother PJ pants last Christmas-Star Wars (Death Star blueprint) drawstring lounge pants so I knew my base pattern-New Look 0918/6233 (size M) was a good fit.  I adjusted the pattern down to knee length and straightened the legs out a bit for a boxier fit.  I made one pair with interior pockets, one with a side exterior pocket and the last pair with dual pockets sized to fit my brothers accessories- iphone, cig. case and lighter. These Tee shorts are so soft and comfy-perfect for lounging on vacation!

Refashioned Tee Shorts Refashioned Tee Shorts Refashioned Tee Shorts

I cut the T’s my brother chose to show off as much of the designs as possible and omitted the drawstring making a simpler enclosed wide elastic waistband (using the same pattern piece) to cut down the sewing time.  I then cut everything out, serged the pieces together, and then added simple zig-zag topstitching for all the exterior seams and hems.  Easy peasy.

Here are some detail shots of the shorts:

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Refashioned Tee Shorts Refashioned Tee Shorts

My brother was happy to pose for me.  Even offered to take topless shots if that would help to draw in the ladies. LOL! Modest my brother is not! :)  Sadly he’s ruined Ryan Gosling for me since they look so much alike.

We had a really wonderful visit!  It feels like I’m getting to know my brother all over again as an adult. He’s 5 years younger than I am so we weren’t very close growing up as we were rarely in the same schools and he was still so young when I left for college.  My sister and brother were super close since they were less than two years apart.  Everyone called them the twins- they were both blond (taking after my mom) and were inseparable. I remember how jealous I was of them as a kid.  I was quiet and shy while they are both extremely extroverted with tons of friends.  I feel like we’re all so much closer now which is lovely.

Stay tuned next week for more swimsuits-I’ll be sharing my Nautilus Tankini and a new rashguard!  I took pictures yesterday at the beach with the kiddos.  Happy Summer Sewing!

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  1. I love these shorts! Especially the Coca Cola one Who would have thought they were made out of t-shirts?? Not me!

  2. What a perfect example of repurposing! Everyone loves these and the trip to Goodwill was good for the pocketbook and good for the community. And you can tell how comfortable they are. But the most amazing thing was the super-fast turn-around. Necessity IS the mother of invention!

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