Sacre Bleu Knit Dress

*Sacré Bleu!  This simple little knit dress made using my Bodice Sloper is all about the color.  I’ve been wanting more clothing in this shade of aqua/teal for the longest time, like my  Georgina dress, and was psyched when I saw this Organic Knit from Michael Levine. I love how this color highlights my big blue eyes, which I’ve always thought are my best feature.

Sacre Bleu Knit Dress, Sew Pomona

I won a gift certificate awhile back from Lauren at Baste + Gather’s  Momiform Makeover giveaway and put it to good use!  I bought three organic knits (1 yard each) in Navy Teal and an Olive Green to try out.  I also splurged on some Italian Blue and White Striped Linen!  Having a gift certificate and wanting to get the free shipping rate always makes me go a bit overboard.  Oh well-I’ll use it all!  The Knits are all made up now and you’ll see more of them in the coming weeks.

I wanted a very simple silhouette to really show off this color.  I looked through my mood book-I keep a photo book with images from magazines and catalogue’s I love- and found this knit dress from Garnet Hill in a tangerine color that I liked the shape of.  From there it was easy to use my sloper to make this pattern.  Simple 3/4 sleeves, a higher neck and a tiny bit of ease at the hips.  Next time I’ll add more ease at the hips so I don’t need a slip.  This was also a fab use of my yardage.  This is a 1 yard dress!  I kept the curled edge for my hem unfinished.

I made the sloper with Suzy Furrer’s Craftsy Class- The Bodice Sloper – a few months ago.  Best class ever!  I’ve used my sloper to make a number of tops and dresses now.  Plus it really helps me check the fit quickly with purchased sewing patterns and make adjustments based off that.

I wore this dress to see Jewels this weekend with my mom, sis and her daughter.  It’s part of the Bolshoi Ballet in the Cinema series.  What a fabulous way to see professional ballet when you aren’t in a major city!  It’s shot and aired live from Moscow and has behind the scenes interviews at intermission.  Can’t recommend it enough!  My favorite was Rubies-modern and oh so funny!!! Jewels is a Balanchine ballet in three parts based on the three major schools of ballet. Emerald’s- Paris, Rubies-NY, and Diamonds-St. Petersburg(a show stopping ending!)

 Sacre Blue Knit Dress, Sew Pomona

Happy Sewing!

*Sacré Bleu-an old French oath/swear denoting surprise, Sacred Blue, i.e., Marian religious color, and one of my favorite novels by Christopher Moore!

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