Scrap Busting! Reversible Circle Vest

Reversible Circle Vest Sew Pomona

I love finding creative ways to use up my odd-shaped fabric remnants, don’t you?  Here’s another really versatile piece from a pattern in shape shape!  At first I wasn’t sure how much use I would get out of this as I don’t typically wear vests, but I’m really happy with how it turned out. The neutral colors coordinate well with what I have already in my closet and I love the memories associated with the fabric!

This reversible vest can be worn buttoned up the back or draped as a scarf.  I used a leftover piece of fabric that I dyed naturally with cabbage leaves to make up my flared wave skirt and reused the linen embroidered polka dot fabric that I made into a baby ring sling when my son was born.  This was a nice quick sew with some added top stitching, and I used 3 buttons on one side to keep it lightweight.  This project is a great way to use up leftover fabric!  Do you have any good scrap & stash-busting projects?

Reversible Circle Vest Sew Pomona

3 responses to “Scrap Busting! Reversible Circle Vest”

  1. Sue Bateman Avatar

    Looks great what a good idea for a versatile garment.

    1. Rebecca Avatar

      Thanks so much! Great quick sew project!

    2. Rebecca Avatar

      Thanks! It’s a great easy pattern :)

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