Scuba Knit Francoise

Last week I posted my Chanel Inspired Francoise and this week I’m back with a knit version of the dress.  Thanks everyone for all the wonderful compliments on my last version!   This dress was made actually made first,  just in time to wear for Thanksgiving.  Love this pattern!  Check out Tilly and the Buttons fan board on Pinterest here! 

Scuba knit Francoise

Pattern:  Francoise dress by Tilly and the Buttons, size 3 (+2″length)

Fabric:  Covent Garden Scuba Knit (sold out) from Marcy Tilton


scubafrancoise 1

I made this dress a size down from my regular size 4 to a size 3 which gave me zero ease.  This knit is a scuba but still has quite a bit of stretch and is pretty lightweight.  I was worried it would be too hot but it’s really not at all.  Plus it’s so comfy…comfort really is my priority in clothes lately.

I had to have this fabric as soon as I saw it.  I LOVE the floral and the colors are fabulous.  The background looks more gold in person which makes it a bit dressier too, perfect for the holidays.  I never buy poly and really try to stick to natural/ organic/ sustainable fibers but just couldn’t pass up on the print.  I figure it will last ages so that’ll hopefully make up for it.

Scuba Knit Francoise

Scuba Knit Francoise

Scuba Knit Francoise

I made this mainly on the serger but did topstitching in hot pink to keep the seams flat as the fabric is a bit more beefy.  I also cut open the darts to help keep the bulk down.  One of my favorite things about sewing in knits is that I can leave off zippers!   This version took half the time of my quilted dress, I made it the day before Thanksgiving to wear the next day.  I added 2″ to the hem as well, just like my other dress.  The only thing I regret is that I forgot to take in the upper back so it’s a bit wider then I’d like, but not really noticeable.

I just had to wait on pics for these dresses as we all went through a bad virus after the holidays and got sick one after the other.  Poor Ami had it the worst and got double ear infections with a ruptured ear drum.  She’s just now getting back to herself.  So sick kiddos on and off for two weeks and now both home for the holidays, so not as much time for blogging/ sewing as I’d like.

Scuba Knit Francoise

Scuba Knit Francoise

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season!!!!  I’m so glad I finished up my holiday sewing so I can take it easy now and enjoy Christmas with my family!  Are you making anything special for gifts?

I just finished up some crazy patchwork pants for Nigel out of Vic’s old dress shirts and FINALLY finished up Ami’s Alabama Chanin style Sofia the First dress.  It’s all machine stitched, I knew it would never be done in time if I hand stitched it, and it looks fabulous!

For gifts at Christmas in our house we go with these 4: something you want, something you need, something to wear(handmade!) and something to read.  Can’t wait to share them here after Christmas!

9 responses to “Scuba Knit Francoise”

  1. Diane Carel Avatar
    Diane Carel

    This print is so sophisticated. It’s perfect for this streamlined pattern.
    And the shoes are divine with it!

    1. Rebecca Avatar

      Thanks mom! I do love the print, I’m glad I waited to use this pattern. The shoes are perfect aren’t they? I got them at the end of summer on clearance (Anthropologie) so haven’t gotten to wear them much.

  2. seamsoddlouise Avatar

    Fab, I like it slightly longer, suits you very much.

    1. Rebecca Avatar

      Thanks so much! I’m really glad I lengthened it. Mini dresses just don’t work at my age, especially running after kids :)

  3. Amanda Avatar

    That is gorgeous! I love the fabric choice! Actually, I ALWAYS love your fabric choice!! Have a lovely Christmas

    1. Rebecca Avatar

      Thanks so much Amanda! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas too!

  4. SeeKatSew Avatar

    I love the print on the fabric – so pretty. That dress is so flattering on you.

    1. Rebecca Avatar

      Thank you! I wish I had gotten some yardage of the other colorway before it sold out, I really love this floral!

  5. […] knit top/sweater.  This was made with the leftover yardage, Marcy Tilton (out of stock), from my Scuba Knit Francoise dress.    Made in the same way as my dress except I pinched out the bust darts and removed all the […]

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