Ami’s Mod Blouse

Blouse B for Ami, Sew Pomona Girl's Style Book by Yoshiko Tsukiori and H.H.

I finished my first sewing projects of the year, a sleeveless scarf blouse in crisp white linen (I’ll post about it tomorrow, too cold today for pics!)  and an adorable tucked blouse for my little girl Amelie!  The blouse for Ami is made out of remnant fabric and thread left over from the holidays from Joann’s and some cute butterfly buttons that she picked out ages ago.  I wanted to make a more modern looking top for her but know unless it’s pink or purple the chances of her wanting to wear it right now are slim to none.  Buttons always seem to do the trick!

Girl's Style Book by Yoshiko Tsukiori and H.H.

Girl’s Style Book by Yoshiko Tsukiori and H.H.

Blouse B

The pattern is Blouse B from Girl’s Style Book by Yoshiko Tsukiori and H.H., I reviewed another dress pattern here.  It has tucks on the front bodice  and a bell lower sleeve.  The sleeve is meant to be gathered at the wrist with elastic but I knew that would be too restrictive.  If it’s not comfy its never worn by my kids.  I also added a  half lining to cover up the stitching so its not itchy.  Next time I’ll try and make all enclosed seams to solve this.  I used a double row of folded bias for the neck and  a double stitch on the hems and back seam.  The tucks look great now but were a hassle to make even since I accidently cut the bodice off center.  I wanted the pattern to line up perfectly so it took a bit of fiddling and a slight recut but you would never know from looking at it now.

All in all an adorable, quick sew for my little girl.  Do you sew for your kids or have a must sew children’s pattern? I’m always looking for more modern looks for both the kids that aren’t so cutesy and heavily ruffled.  Ami wasn’t in the mood to pose today, which I think you can tell.  Oh well, still so cute :)

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  1. Great shirt! Your topstitching looks even and gives it an extra touch. I really love the Oliver+S patterns. They seem to have a great fit for our girls and flexibility in style for maximum movement in play.

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