Silhouettes & My Uniform- Wardrobe Architect

It’s Week 4 of the Wardrobe Architect over at the Coletterie and this weeks post focuses on identifying our key silhouettes and proportions. This was a great exercise to determine the looks I prefer and start to solidify the style I want to build into my wardrobe.  I’m hoping to build an easy to wear uniform (check out Into-Mind for more on this) so I can easily mix and match my pieces.  

Last weeks worksheet had us list the proportions and shapes  we prefer to wear and mine was mostly  fitted clothing with a natural waistline.   I really hate to wear drop waist and empire waisted clothing, it looks alright but makes me feel frumpy.  My clothing is not very seasonal since I live in Florida and I tend to just layer a bit in winter (it rarely goes below 50) and just wear less in summer when I’m at the beach almost every day.

Key Silhouettes:

Look 1 Linen Trousers: Linen Pants+ Sleeveless Tank + Sandals

Look 2 Long Skirt:  Skirt + Cropped or Tucked Blouse + Flats

Look 3 Fitted Dress:  Natural Waist Short Dress + Skinny Belt + Low Heels

Look 4 Jeans:   Jeans + Button Down + Pullover+ Sneakers/Moccasins (Winter)

                           Jeans + Light Tee/Tank + Flats/Sandals (Spring/Summer)

Look 5 Shorts:   Shorts + Print Shirt/ Blouse + Flats

Look 6 Swim:  Swimsuit+ Rashguard + Board Shorts/ Skirt + Sport Sandal

Look 7 Fitness:  Sports Bra + Tank/Tee + Yoga Pants + Sneakers

I think these looks are going to be so helpful as I plan out my sewing! Do you have a uniform you consistently wear?  Or maybe a shape that always looks good on you?   I’m really hoping this will make getting dressed in the morning more intuitive & less stressful.  Some mornings I know I try on multiple outfits and just don’t feel good in any of them.  I’d love to see everyone’s posts/ boards for this exercise so feel free to leave a link in the comments.  

Hope you enjoy your weekend! Happy sewing!

4 thoughts on “Silhouettes & My Uniform- Wardrobe Architect”

  1. I love uniform dressing as well! I tend to gravitate to certain sillohuetes as well so it works out well for me. I am participating in the wardrobe architect series, too. Don’t you just love it?

    1. I do! It’s really helping me plan out my sewing so everything I make is wearable! Plus I do notice I really only want to wear a few outfits-my uniforms- all the time, just need to make similar pieces to make my wardrobe really functional.

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