Sleeveless Scarf Blouse

Sleeveless Scarf Blouse, Sew Pomona

On the top of my list of things I really need in my wardrobe are more tops and blouses.  This blouse was my first make for the New Year.  I’m wearing it here with my Winter Moss Wide Leg Pants.   It’s the Sleeveless Scarf Blouse from Shape Shape by Natsuno Hiraiwa.  I reviewed two other patterns from the same book here and here.   I’m looking forward to getting some more Japanese pattern books.  My wish list includes Shape Shape 2, sewing for Minimalist Style and Drape Drape by Hisako Sato so I can learn to sew knits.

Sew Pomona Sleeveless Scarf Blouse

I’m really happy with the finishing on this blouse.  I used a tan thread and double stitched most of my seams to add a bit of interest to this basic white top.  The blouse and attached scarf are made from a medium weight  Organic White Linen from Near Sea Naturals, my Christmas gift to myself!  What’s nice about this linen is that it’s just heavy enough that it really doesn’t need a lining.

I cut my pattern in a size large and love the way it fits.  Just shaped enough with the front and back darts but doesn’t cling.  I added facing cut on the bias for the interior and am impressed with my finishing skills on this project.  I took each part slowly and carefully instead of rushing through and it made a big difference.  The scarf is great since you can tie and wear it many different ways.  It goes wonderfully with most of my wardrobe, classic and a bit nautical.   I’ll definitely be making more of these, maybe in a block print and with a contrast scarf next time and maybe one without a scarf.


What’s on your must sew list? I know I need to make more mix and match separates.  Since I’ve improved my sewing I notice I only want to wear my handmade clothing.  One of the reasons I think this blouse was so successful is that I really planned it out to work with what I already have in my closet.   Do you plan before you sew or are you an impulse sewer?

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    1. The directions in the book are really great on this pattern! The scarfs on the blouse are pretty simple, the only things slightly more complicated are the facings, darts and just keeping everything from getting tangled :) The skirts, scarfs and wraps are probably the simplest patterns in the book. I’ve made about a 1/3 of the patterns now and really love them!

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