Slow Fashion October 2016- LONG WORN + HANDMADE

I shared my “Introductions” last week for Slow Fashion October so I’m combining weeks two and three here today with LONG-WORN + HANDMADE.  I’m in the middle of a number of different projects.  I’m finishing up my striped Rue dress, I have two Granville Blouses done (but unblogged-one I’ll be adding Sashiko stitching to) and I was a tester for the Kelly Anorak.   I just received a bunch of fabric in the mail (pre-washing as we speak!) from Marcy Tilton so I can start sewing up some new work clothes next!

Refashions: Handerchief Refashion Blouse, Coral Linen Skirt, PJ’s for Ami , Prom Dress Refashion,  Skirt Refashion, Dress for Ami, Refashion Dress.

Week 2, Oct 10-16: LONG-WORN
How can we make the most of the clothes already on the planet — from taking care of and mending and wearing things longer, to thrifting, swapping, heirlooms, hand-me-downs, alterations and refashioning?

Mending and refashioning are a constant in my home.  I tailor most of my husbands clothes and then refashion them for the kids when they wear out.  My own clothing is mostly handmade so it’s checked periodically and then mended. If I don’t like something I’ve made I try to find a new home for it or remake into something more wearable.

I keep my heirlooms and vintage stored in bins when not in use.Ideally I try to wear the majority of my Vintage though.  I have a beautiful silk Kimono my grandfather brought back from his travels in China, My mother’s Wedding dress (a Satin cocktail dress with long sleeves and lace accents) and my own teal wedding dress, and a fabulous rust velvet 50’s sheath that I wear occasionally but just couldn’t part with.

I repurpose the most for my kids.  I have a blast finding material for them at local thrift and Goodwill shops.  It’s really easy to find a ton of yardage: think maxi dresses and larger sizes.

My fav handmades: DK Vogue V1489, Pacific Grove V8871, Rust Culottes, Colfax Dress, Knit Lina Tank + Beach Capri’s, Chanel Inspired Francoise,  Embroidered Denim, Shape Shape Tank and Marcy Tilton Pants, Indigo Tank and Marcy Tilton Pants.

Week 3, Oct 17-23: HANDMADE
How do you understand your style, choose projects well, advance your skills, get the right fit, and keep things interesting and long-lasting at the same time. What are your go-to patterns and most successful garments. How do you avoid mindless acquisition of yarn and fabric, or making “too much.” How do you make time and space for making — and why?

I way over plan all my sewing-as you can see on my last two wardrobe planning posts here + here!  Accordingly most of my projects are successful and worn pretty constantly.  I also only buy fabric for specific planned projects so I don’t have remnants or a fabric stash. Living in a small space really makes me careful in my purchases since storage is very limited in a two bedroom apartment with 2 kids!  Right now my style is going through a big transformation as I’ve re-entered the work force after 8 years as a Stay at Home Mom. Most of my current handmade wardrobe now will become weekend wear. It should extend the lifetime of those pieces since they were getting very heavy wear.  I’m pretty much starting from scratch on my work uniform.  It’s much more fashion forward then what I was making before but in a very different silhouette and solid/neutral color palette.

Slow Fashion October 2016- LONG WORN + HANDMADE Slow Fashion October 2016- LONG WORN + HANDMADE

I’m hoping to have time to get some pics taken soon so I can show off some finished makes!  Also I’m probably one of the last holdouts to get a smartphone-I just upgraded to an Android after my old phone died this weekend.  So be sure to follow me on Instagram!  Above are two of my first pics-visible mending on my very first pair of indigo dyed handmade jeans. Happy Sewing!

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