Spring 2016 Sewing Plans

Spring is in the air and all I can think about sewing are pretty little dresses in pastels and florals made out of airy linens and lightweight silks!  I’ve sewn up my last make for winter, a trouser wide leg culotte in olive recycled poly (just need some pics) and have already put away all my heavier clothes for the season. Time to plan out my looks for Spring!

Spring 2016 Sewing Plans Sew Pomona

Last weekend we started our spring cleaning and I rearranged the condo (moving furniture is really my favorite pastime!)  and resorted the kids and my closets.  Unfortunately  our family all came down, one at a time, with horrible flu/coughs this month which put me down for the count.   No blogging last week as I recuperated and nursed the kiddos.  I’m so looking forward to warm weather and enjoying the outdoors after being cooped up the last few weeks.

SApring 2016 Sewing Plans Sew Pomona

Back to the sewing plans….I wanted to keep my plans simpler this time around and picked patterns and fabrics for the season and sent in my online orders.  Everything started arriving last week and it was like Christmas all over again! You can see my inspiration board on Pinterest here.
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V1489, Misses’ Draped V-Neck Dress
V1493 Misses’ Tulip Banded-Sleeve Kimono Jacket


V8788, Misses’ Back-Wrap Dresses
90s Yves Saint Laurent Womens Boho Tunic, Sash & Tapered Pants Vogue #vogueteam #etsygifts:
V2180 Yves Saint Laurent(1990’s) bought from Chloe’s Closet on Etsy


V9105, Misses’ Asymmetrical Button-Closure Dress and Sash
Fifi sewing pattern - camisole and shorts boudoir set
Fifi, Tilly & the Buttons




Cali Fabrics - Coral Lightweight 100% Linen, $11.24 (http://www.califabrics.com/coral-lightweight-100-linen/):   Cali Fabrics - Teal and Green Two-tone Iridescent Linen, $11.75 (http://www.califabrics.com/teal-and-green-two-tone-iridescent-linen/):

Purple crosshatch Italian swimwear ML:  Italian Stripe Linen-Georgio Armani- Michael Levine, Inc, LowPriceFabric.com:

Pacific Grove Knit Panel

Coral Lightweight Linen (for V9105) Cali Fabrics

Teal Linen (for V8788) Cali Fabrics

Purple Crosshatch Italian swimwear (for Tankini) Michael Levine

Italian Stripe Linen, Georgio Armani ( for Lounge Pants) from Michael Levine (Out of Stock)

Pacific Grove Knit Panel ( for V1489)  Marcy Tilton Fabrics (Out of Stock)


My Spring Plans were strongly influenced by my trip to see the YSL + Halston Exhibit, both the silhouettes and construction.  I went out and bought the YSL pattern (above) immediately after seeing the show and am on the lookout for more!   I just finished reading The Lost Art of Dress, the Women who Made America Stylish by Linda Przybyszeski.  Fabulous book on the Dress Doctors of the early 1900-50 and a must read for sewists.  I love reading fashion history but this one really appealed to me as it focused more on home sewers. The Dress Doctor’s design principles of  harmony and proportion as well as they’re emphasis on practicality and function really hit home for me.   Just ignore the chapter long rant on modern art and 60-70’s fashion!

I realized what I really want and need in my closet are some pretty house dresses and lovely lingerie and loungewear.  I always look nice when I’m out and about during the day but once I get home I want to be comfortable and tend to resort to yoga pants.  I realized that my husband rarely sees me in my pretty handmade makes except on the weekend.  So I’m focusing more on pretty intimates, loungewear and dresses for the Spring.

Happy Sewing!

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  1. Love your way of thinking in regards to beautiful dresses. We don’t wear them enough! One question… Where do you purchase the fabric? Love the linen.

    1. Thanks Mabel! I’m looking forward to some pretty spring dresses! All the fabric is linked to where I purchased it in the numbered list and I know those linens are still available. :)

  2. I don’t know if you’ve ever listened to the Thread Cult podcast, but in number 33, she interviews the author of the book you mentioned. I’m sad it seems like that podcaster isn’t doing more…They were so good. I like seeing your plans! I’m on my last winter garment and I already have spring sewing plans sketched out. Can’t wait to start!

  3. Bah! I’m not done with my winter sewing yet. But it’s been such a warm winter up in New England, that I can’t help thinking about spring as well. I really like that first v-neck dress – looks really interesting. And that Pacific Grove fabric is really cool as well. Happy sewing!

    1. Winter always ends here so quickly. We’re already in the upper 70’s in the afternoon. I’m looking forward to trying that 1st pattern, the construction looks really interesting. Happy Sewing to you too!

  4. I really enjoy looking about your Pinterest boards! So much inspiration. You really have a eye for fabrics and patterns. Good luck with spring sewing!

    1. Thanks so much Annie! I really love Pinterest-I could make inspiration boards all day. I can’t wait to get started sewing! :)

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