Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning, Sew Pomona
Spring Cleaning. My spring looks are to the left of shoe tree, repairs + refashions to the right.

It’s full on Spring here already in Florida.  The afternoons lately have been in the high 80’s!  I just did a big closet purge and packed away all my winter clothes to get ready for spring.  I’m following along with the Coletterie’s Wardrobe Architect once again.  February was focused on cleaning out your closet and March is planning your sewing.  I really pared down my wardrobe this time around and my closet is probably 90% handmade now which is awesome.

Spring Wardrobe- Sweaters, Jacket, Blouses, Tanks
Spring Wardrobe- Dresses, Skirts, Pants, Shorts
Spring Wardrobe- Dresses, Skirts, Pants, Shorts
Refashion and Repair- Spring Cleaning
Refashion and Repair- Spring Cleaning

My goal for this month is to take a break on new makes and focus on remaking/refashioning what’s already in my closet.  I sectioned off a portion of my closet and put everything RTW and handmade that I don’t wear or needs repair.  I then went through and labeled each piece with what repairs were needed and pattern refashion ideas.  I’ve already remade a skirt into Carolyn Pajama Shorts, refashioned a wrap dress into a skirt, fixed a too short skirt, and made a top into a little skirt for Ami.  I’ve also made up a bunch of Watson Bra sets.  Pics coming soon!

I love my sewing plans for the year but after going through my closet I realized I need to focus now on summer sewing as the temps keep rising.  My wardrobe is pretty functional already from all my sewing last spring.  What I really need are a few more tanks, shorts and culottes and some new swimwear.   Basic sporty and casual beach looks.

Here are the Core Patterns  I’m planning on using:

I have 2 big sewing/natural dye projects in my queue still, but I’m waiting on my natural dyes to arrive to get started.  I’m going to make a bias tube dress (images below) using  Patternmaking: Portfolio Skills by Dennic Chunman Lo (p. 206 ).  I’ll be using the moulage I’m working on with Suzy Furrer’s Craftsy Class Patternmaking Basics: The Bodice Sloper.   I’m planning on making two of these dresses in a sheer hemp silk that will layer together.  My plan is to dye each a different color and take advantage of the sheerness as they layer.  I’m so excited for this project!

Patternmaking Dennic Chunman Lo, Bias Tube Dress


My other project is to make and dye a second Holly Jumpsuit in an Organic Cotton Sateen.  This make I’m going to alter to a shorter length for the pant and make sleeveless with a V-neck and zipper closure.

Check out my Sewing 2015 Pinterest board for my inspiration ideas:

I just ordered a fabulous Marrakesh Express ikat knit on sale from Marcy Tilton to make Mommy and me Skater dresses for Ami and myself. Just in time for Amelie’s 4th birthday next month!   I’ve been eyeing this print for a while so I was quite excited when it went on sale.

I’m trying to get the majority of my sewing done in the next two-three months as we’ll be moving once Nigel is out of school for the summer. I’m guessing I won’t have much sewing time this summer as we sell our home, find a rental and get the kids set up for school in Ft. Lauderdale .  Happy Spring!





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