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I’m back today with some Spring sewing Inspiration! The weather here is warming up which means it’s time to start planning out my Spring and Summer Wardrobe for 2024. I’m keeping my plans a bit looser this season so I can relax and sew what I love! You can see I’ve added my color palette (image above) to make planning easy!

I’m also sticking with my three style words

I feel like these words all still resonate with me. My style has been changing over the last few years as my kids are now young teenagers (one in High School and one in Middle) and I’m growing into my new streamlined slightly modern style aesthetic. I like to keep a pretty minimal daily uniform since I work from home but like to add in some more unique and Eclectic pieces to add a touch of fun and whimsy. You’ll see from my fabric selections that I tend to use a lot of neutrals and solids in my wardrobe and then add just a few prints or textures to break things up. Ease is a necessity! I want my clothes to be easy and comfortable everyday. I live in Florida and its hot! I need pieces that are based on our climate as well as my lifestyle. I’m pretty active- I do yoga everyday, love taking walks with my new pup Daphne or longer walks with my husband. I chose Oceanic for just that reason. When it’s nice out we’re probably at the beach. It’s our chill happy place. So I want clothing that matches our coastal beach lifestyle. Shades of blue and white,quas and corals and sandy tones just fit the vibe I’m going for perfectly.

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Watch the Video- Find Your True Colors

I also like to keep in mind my colors as I go about planning my seasonal wardrobes. Above you’ll see my colors board that I keep handy.

Mood Board sewing space machines dresser lifestyle fashion

Spring and summer tends to be sunny and hot here in Florida so that means light airy pieces that mix and match in looser weave fabrics that will keep me cool. Of course going anywhere indoors can be freezing with excessive air conditioning so I need a few layering pieces to counter that. My closet is probably 80% Spring/Summer because the season here lasts most of the year so I try to keep my sewing plans a bit broader so I don’t get bored. If you saw my Fall/Winter plans you’ll know I planned a very tight capsule wardrobe with coordinating looks. Winter here is mild (50’s-60’s F) and short so I try to keep that wardrobe really tightly planned. But spring is in the air so it’s time to have fun and just sew what I love!

I usually start out my planning on Pinterest creating a large main Mood board that I then go back and edit into sections. I also watched the Spring/Summer 2024 and Resort Fashion runway shows for inspiration to pin to my boards. This season I broke my mood boards up into color stories. It’s mostly pastel shades and cream and white neutrals with some pops of grass green and indigo. I then create my sections- fabric selections, sewing pattern ideas, swim and beach ideas, and my color categories. This helps me shop my stash and shop online in the colors I’ve already chosen.

Moodboard Lifestyle Travel Inspiration
Lifestyle | Home | Travel
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Fashion & Sewing Inspiration

After that I create my physical mood boards. This year I made 2- one that is Lifestyle focused and one sewing and fashion based. Both have a similar color palette but I love that I can view both to really focus on my goals for the year- Traveling more! Let me know if you’d like to see a video or post on how I go about planning my lifestyle goals.

I wanted to create a separate lifestyle mood board this year to focus on my personal goals. I don’t do a big new year’s resolution or anything but as Spring rolls around I like to focus on goals for myself and my family. Now that the kids are older- and we’re making more money I want to focus on travel and our home. So I added some home decor inspired images (we’re slowly renovating our home) and travel ideas and inspiration. Lots of beach images, girl’s trips, yoga, family vacations and couple’s trips. I also really want to get back into paddle boarding now that my foot injury has healed. I’m also big in manifesting the life I want so this is a great way to really visualize the life I want to live.

I do have a long weekend vacation coming up in April so I’ll probably plan out a mini capsule for that trip and I’m planning ahead for future travels (Italy, Greece, Disney, European Christmas markets, etc.)

Dream home travel style coach lifestyle mood

So back to my sewing and wardrobe planning process….

I like to go through my fabric stash first and pull pieces that go with my colors and then I’ll look through my ever growing Pattern stash and pull all the patterns I’m liking for the season. I like to keep them in baskets so I can sew as I go based on what I’m most excited about. I do tend to precut/or trace off my patterns after I’ve chosen them so they are ready go whenever I have free time.

Then I shop for extra fabrics to pull my looks together. Sticking with a color palette makes everything I sew work well together so I know I can mix and match my pieces. I will say my color palette for this season is quite large. They are mostly pastel shades that I feel will work together easily as the tones are all in that pale to mid range. My base colors are a pale cream and white which allows for greater color mixing.

As the season continues I will refine these plans and match fabric to patterns. I’m trying to keep my sewing time a bit free form so I can sew whatever I’m in the mood for. My sewing time usually slows down once the weather gets warm since I’m outside more- at the beach, kayaking, going for family walks or visiting our local parks and museums.

Our ASG group is going to have another Bus Trip to Miami this year so I’m saving up for some new fabric purchases for later in the year and am going to try and hold off on fabric purchases for the next few months. Though I do have a few more fabrics on order from my favorite shop, Stonemountain and Daughter. I’m getting some more yardage of that Mint gauze as well as a green rose floral print, two pastel knits for tees and some gorgeous bronze silk charmeuse that I am going to make to match with an vintage jacket my sister bought for me when we were in Palm Springs a few months ago.

Spring Fabric Stash

Watch the video that accompanies this blog post:

I’ll be back soon with some new makes and some projects in the works! Because I was ill I have a huge backlog of new makes to photograph and post. Hopefully I’ll get them up on the blog next month. Until next time, Happy Sewing!

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