Spring Wardrobe Sewing Plans 2022

If you followed this space for awhile you know one of my favorite things in my sewing practice is planning out my wardrobe. This year I’ve gone a step further, with more fully planned looks since we have a family trip planned for next September in Greece! I want to be sure to have all my travel makes ready to go well in advance so I’m not rushed the month before. I have most of my fabric already on hand, ready to go. Plus I’ve purchased a few new patterns to save some time. With my new business venture I don’t have as much time for personal sewing so anything to free up some of my time is a plus.

Spring Wardrobe Planning 2022

I’ve kept my sketches a bit loose and fluid so I can change anything as I go- and I probably will! I have a few patterns to draft up, but I’m trying to keep that minimal to have more time to sew. I do need to get a bit more swim fabric- but it’s always so hard to find off season. I may just design some myself using Spoonflower. I’ve been working on some surface design ideas that go along with my embroidery designs and plan on adding some designs.

Inspiration Mood Board

I’m going for some vivid blues this season- inspired by Greece, Matisse and last years runways shows. My other colors will be a bit lighter, more pastel and muted to support the bold pops of color. I’m loving the lavenders and pinks with a bit of yellow and while most of my fabrics will be solids I love some embroidered accents and floral motifs.

Spring Fabrics

Most of these fabrics have been in my stash for awhile. My sewing has been quite a bit slower since last years injury so I have alot of fun pieces to work with. I have some beautiful striped shirting, some dreamy white cupro, lavender activewear and two beautiful silks- in salmon and a blue twig print from Paris to work with. The bright blues fabrics were purchased last year and now they’ll really come in handy this season. I’ve already made a tester bikini with one of the blue’s and just love it.

I’m really excited to make a wrap skirt out of the yellow striped fabric- I’ve had this design planned for ages but never found the perfect fabric for it.I was so excited when I found it!

Links below

Pictured Left to Right

Spring Sketches

These first two looks will be samples for my embroidery business! I designed this V Neck and Back Dress off my slope and just love it! It has bust darts that come out of the waistline as well as two angled back darts which make for a fantastic fit. The flare skirt is cut on the bias so it has a bit more drape. I made this using my Suzy Furrer Craftsy classes for necklines. Craftsy Links are in the sidebar. The First dress on the left will be made in an Ivory Cupro with Embroidered Blue Poppies and the second dress will be in the salmon silk with large scale embroidered Hibiscus Flowers. If you follow me on Insta you’ll have seen my Embroidery testers for this pattern. I’m really excited about these two new designs. They should be up in my Etsy Shop very soon!

This contains an image of: Greek vacation planning
My sister made up this graphic for our travel plans!

Now on to my regular Spring sewing plans. Most of these designs will be mix and match pieces so I can utilize them for out travels. Our family trip to Greece in September is for ten days so I need to pack really well- I am a bit of a clotheshorse so it will be tricky! My whole family is going -My parents, my sister and her fam-they organized the trip- and my brother and his family- so I’m super excited. I haven’t been out of the country since we had kids so I’m really pulling out all the stops for this trip. We’re heading to Rhoades first and staying in a gorgeous house on the water and then on to Athens in cute little apartments near the Acropolis. In Athens we’ll be really close to the fabric district too!

Look 1 is a fitted White Knite Tee using the Devon Cream Ponte that I’m drafting along with this drape pant I’m excited to design in the sky textured tencel. IU’m planning on using a facing for the waist for a nice clean finish. The second look has been in my sketches for years now. I was so excited when I came acorss this lemon yellow stripe- it’s going to make a perfect wrap skirt. Shown here with a simple tee- I’ll be using Viki Sews Jenny Tee.

Look 3 is a rib tank which I’ll make up in the vivid blue cotton spandex jersey and a rib knit (need to get) in either a self drafted pattern and/or Greenstyle’s Cami Tank. I’m thinking a simple cargo pocket crisp short with cuffs and belt loops. I’m going to make my tester up in the cotton stripe weave fabric before purchasing something to make the final version. Not sure what color yet- but a neutral. I’m planning on making a Dress Shirt to wear over this in the blue and white stripe shirting and the Zimmermann Fog Fabrics as an added travel layer.

Look 4 will be my pretty travel pj’s made using my heavily modified Haslam pattern in the gingham fabric from mood. Crisp and cool. You can see my wearable muslin here.

Look 5 will be the Greenstyle Cami and the Viki Sews Molly Leggings in the lavender activewear fabric. I bought these patterns to speed up some of my sewing so I’m not drafting everything from scratch.

I’m also planning out new swimwear using my own bikini pattern and the Greenstyle Balboa Short in the Montsera Boardshort fabric. The first bikini I made is in the Nylon Tricot Royale Fabric lined in the Carvico Patagonia. I’ve been working on my swimwear sloper using Helen Armstrong Jones’ Patternmaking Book-my bible- to make these designs. The top looks great but my bottoms need a few more tweaks. Plus I need a new rashguard and possibly a swim coverup/Caftan.

And finally Looks 6 &7! The dress is the Haslam Slip I’ve made before in the Parisian Silk. Simple but beautiful. Look 7 is a Breton Stripe 3/4 Sleeve Tee in Bamboo Terry with a Wide Leg Cropped Pant in the Kona Deep Blue. And that’s it! Some of these will probably change a bit but my goal is to sew these all up. I have a ton of time until our trip so this should be totally doable. The main reason I don’t usually so up all my planned looks is because I couldn’t find the right fabric for what I wanted so that won’t be an issue for once!

I designed these all using my free embroidery and sewing planner which I just updated. I add my sketches directly to my document and then print them out and keep them in my Planner in my Sewing room for reference. I keep all my mood images, sketches, as well as my fabric receipts and swatches so I keep everything well organized. That way when’s it’s time to sew I can get everything out and take notes of any alterations I made.

The planner is my free gift to you when you sign up for my newsletter. Just fill in the form in the sidebar or on my Newsletter page. And if you’re already signed up for my newsletter just leave me a comment and I’ll email you the updated link.

Her’s a preview of what you’ll receive:

Back soon with more makes! Happy Sewing!

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