Spruce Long Sleeve Ruska Tee + #2019MakeNine

I’ve been trying to round out my winter wardrobe with a few more long sleeve tops for our very few cold days here in Florida. Simple designs are what I used to buy in RTW so when I got Named’s Breaking the Pattern for Christmas (thanks Hon!) I knew what was going to get made immediately-basically all the variations of the Ruska Top! I think I’ve made 4 now. Perfect well fitted + simple tee.

This is The Ruska Tee in the long sleeve version with the higher neck collar. I made mine in UK12/US 8 which aligns almost perfectly with my own measurements. I really love this book. It takes a few simple base patterns which it then expands into a ton of variations. Plus the instructions and illustrations are excellent. The patterns are overlayed on large sturdy sheets so tracing off is a must, but quite easy.

The only thing I need to change in future fit wise is to slightly lengthen the sleeves. I’m pushing them up slightly in the pics put they are just a little short. I contemplated removing the hems but think I’ll have a few stitching holes so I’m leaving it. I just love the overall fit though. I often have to adjust for narrow back/shoulders, but this fits perfectly through that area.

All the Details:


Spruce Bamboo Jersey Knit from Blackbird Fabrics, OOS but Berry Wine, Bisque and Cardamon colors are still available. This is a wonderful stable knit that was so easy to work with and has a lovely cool hand.


Ruska Long Sleeve Turtleneck from Breaking the Pattern by Named

This was a very easy sew. I made it on my serger and then coverstiched the hems. I really love that CF seam. It adds just enough interest to a very basic pattern.

The color is my fav part of this make. The spruce green really brings out my eyes. Living in Florida I tend to stay away from dark colors but feel like I can get away with a few more in winter.

I wanted to try something different and snapped up this Spruce green knit after the holidays, along with a few more gorgeous knits, from Blackbird Fabrics. I’ve been shopping there for a bit now, and love everything I’ve purchased. Plus I’m a big Love to Sew Podcast fan, which Caroline from Blackbird cohosts with Helen from Helen’s Closet (one of my fav blogs). I’m way late getting into podcasts-probably because I have young kids. Now that I work form home they are just amazing. I’ve been bingeing past episodes while I process photos for my freelance gig. I love how upbeat +funny Helen and Caroline are + their guests are so inspiring! BTW- If you have any more recommendations for podcasts I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

I’m also participating again in Rochelle’s 2019 Make Nine again this year! You can follow on Instagram at makeninechallenge #2019MakeNine + #MakeNine. I wasn’t fully successful last year but it was a good motivator for me to try out patterns in my stash I hadn’t used. This year I’m keeping the pattern choices simple and wearable with just a few slower projects. I think these are a bit more doable-especially because I already have a few made (at least as usable muslins).

2019 Make Nine

Top left to right-

Solina Top(BTP-Named), Simplicity 8510, Ruska Knot Tee(BTP-Named)

Simplicity 8247, Utu Skirt (BTP-Named), Vogue 1486 Nicola Finetti

Ruska Tunic(BTP-Named), Vogue 9298, Palo Jeans (BTP-Named)

As you can see I have 5 patterns from BTP (Breaking the Pattern). I really love their designs. I’ve made a muslin of the Solina (which I cut in the wrong size-oops!), I’ve made the knot tee, and have the Utu skirt cut out. I’m really excited about that skirt. I’m using a base of organic cotton I had a lot of and covering it with my collection of selvedge edges. My inspiration- Club Monaco (where I used to work) had the cutest skirt that was covered in thin trims. The Palo jeans look like a perfect refashion project.

I’m using the 1930’s Vintage Simplicity pattern for our matchy- matchy Valentine’s Day dresses for my daughter and I. And I have some really beautiful white batiste that I want to use for the Simplicity Underwear pattern. I’m thinking 2 pairs, one with lace insertion and another using some block printing.

For the Vogue Patterns, I really like the Silhouette of the Nicola Finetti Outfit though not sure yet what I’ll make it in. The bodysuit has already been made…a gift for my sis in a stretch blue velvet.

I’m wearing my new tee with a pair of jeans I made last year and don’t think I blogged about. I love the slim fit and that I kept the hem raw- with stitching around the edge to keep it from getting to frayed. But they still need a bit of work. The yoke back is a bit too big-I think it stretched on the bias. So I don’t wear these much unless I have a shirt that covers that up. They’re in my repair pile now. I think I’ve figured out now that I really don’t like the back yoke feature on jeans. I really prefer less emphasis there. Plus big back pockets on your butt are kinda weird. I don’t put anything in there so what is the point really? So maybe my next pair will just have a plain back.

Back soon with more makes! Happy Sewing!

4 thoughts on “Spruce Long Sleeve Ruska Tee + #2019MakeNine”

  1. I just bought Breaking the Pattern!!! I hope you post all the ones you make!!!
    This will be my first time figuring out which pattern piece is which. I thought
    the skirt pattern lines a bit confusing so I pulled out an old V-7803 probably
    discontinued. It is a wrap with an insert so it won’t gap when you sit, but I
    really want to use Breaking the Pattern. I’d love to try ALL. love the dress in
    the book! I’m excited for you! The book is marvelous! I treated myself to a
    copy at B&N bookstore. Honestly I’d rather not do the tracing thing to find the
    pattern pieces, but the whole book was so appealing, I thought, why not.

    1. Thanks Peggy! I love how excited you are about the book! It’s really great! I agree, tracing is a pain, but totally worth it for the amount of patterns you’re getting! I have a bunch more to share soon.

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