Star Wars Fennel Fanny Pack

This Star Wars Fennel fanny pack was by far my favorite gift I made this Christmas. Unfortunately the shipping was a huge hassle so my brother hasn’t actually gotten this gift yet. Here it is AJ! You’ll get it next time I see you! Another reason to visit us!

Last time my brother was here visiting he was sporting the exact same fanny pack I have and I thought that would be an awesome gift to make. No fitting, one size and I can make it in something fun. I’m definitely team fanny pack- I’m all for function over style. I’m a bit surprised they seem to be getting trendy again. I tend to make AJ (and my son) a ton of Star Wars themed gifts. He’s gotten lounge pants and a reversible hoodie- that is freaking amazing if I do say so myself! Even Ami got into it this year with a tee of the Child (aka baby yoda) though she shows no interest in watching the movies or the Mandalorian (my fav).

I searched around for a pattern I could download to make and the Fennel Fanny pack was the closet to the kind I usually buy in the store. The shape/size with two zippers was just what I wanted. I bought the two pattern bundle so I’ll try out the Raspberry Rucksack next.

I really like Sarah Kirsten’s pattern. Nice and thorough with easy to follow directions with clear illustrations. Construction was simple and everything came together quickly. Great gift project! I love that you draw out the shapes based on measurements. I often find that easier with bags. The only part I didn’t like was the bias finishing which I found to be very fiddly. Next time I’ll draft linings for structure and a cleaner finish.

All the Details:

PatternFennel Fanny Back, Sarah Kirsten


Fabrics– Star Wars licensed Fabrics, Webbing and clips all from JoAnn’s

I used the basic navy Star Wars Fabric with matching sport zips on the exterior and made the interior with cute little Porgs. I made a ton of bias tape out of another cartoon Star Wars fabric that I used to finish the interior and also to wrap the gift.

I have a few more holiday gifts to share and a fabulous Memphis Dress I just wore to our ASG CAB luncheon last weekend. I just took on the media position for our greater Fort Lauderdale ASG chapter. Looking forward to heading our FB and Instagram pages and updating the blog.

Our local Plantation Group is just getting started on a new program where we’ll be working together to fit and sew garments, starting with a Blouse (Butterick 6085). I’ve been working on my muslins to try out a few variations. The base pattern was a pretty good fit that only needed a few tweaks so I’ve been drafting some collars and plackets.

If your local we’d love to have you there! You can attend 2 meetings for free before joining ASG. Our next meeting is this coming Saturday the 18th. Feel free to contact me for more info.

Back soon with more. Happy Sewing!

4 thoughts on “Star Wars Fennel Fanny Pack”

  1. This is absolutely perfect! I would keep opening it just to look at the Porgs inside! You’ve nailed it!

  2. Love it! I have a plan to interrail over Europe with the kids this summer (to meet up the husband in Switzerland) and I figured a fanny pack would be an excellent choice for carrying valuables around while keeping both hands free, so a fanny pack is definitely on my list. Haven’t worn one since the early 90s when I bought a really cool one in Italy (I was 8, and early 90s. It probably wasn’t that pretty. My sister bought one that looked like a small backpack to carry around her waist. And a matching backpack).

    Anyway, I have heard others doing this and commented on the construction, I have found a free pattern, so I’ll try that (from the German Snaply magazine)

    1. Fanny packs are so great for travel! I hadn’t worn one since high school in the 90’s myself until recently. I think my sister had one of those mini backpack looking ones too. Thanks Helena!

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