Summer Swimwear for the Kids

I wanted to share a quick post (with tons of pics!) showing off all the summer swimwear I made for the kids.  The kiddos grow so fast lately I need to make new suits every season. I let them pick out the fabric prints (though I try to steer them to coordinating one’s) and then make up a bunch all at once.

All the Details-

Fabrics from The Fabric Fairy (click on image to view):

  White Moons, Stars, and Hearts on Black Nylon Lycra Swimsuit Fabric 

 Patterns for Amelie:


Kwik SewK3998 Swimsuit

  • View C- skirt removed and the pattern pieces joined
  • Size Medium

McCall’s M7417 Rashguards (comes in women’s and children’s sizes)

  • View D
  • Children’s Size 7

McCall’s M6918 Leggings

  • Shortened
  • Size 7

Patterns for Nigel:

McCall’s M6548

  • Boardshort View E
  • Size 8?

McCall’s M7379

  • View C Raglan Longsleeve Tee
  • Size 8



Originally I made Amelie’s rashguard reversible but it was a bit too bulky so I separated them out into two rashy’s.  I had worried that the interiors would be too itchy for her with all the seams but this fabric is super soft and my new serger (LOVE my Juki MO-6054DE!!!) makes a really beautiful and soft seam. I think this pattern is fab!  I love the style lines and the fit is spot on.  I still need to make one for myself.

The leggings are cut a bit larger than needed to allow for movement and growth! Just a simple short legging for some extra sun coverage here in FL. The swimsuit was my first go at this pattern so the fit is not perfect.  It has too much room in the back and is a bit to high at the arm/neck.  I’m planning on altering my next one to include a back seam to allow more curve and take in the waist.

I made Nigel’s top using M7379, a simple raglan tee.  It’s a nice quick sew.  He loves that he looks like Where’s Waldo and I love that he’s so easy to spot on the beach!! The shorts, M6548, were just sized up form his last pair with extra length added.  I bought this pattern years ago so it wasn’t in the best shape anymore so I just eyeballed the adjustments.  My favorite part is the waistband that is flat in front and the side pocket.  Plus the Boardshort fabric just looks so cool!

Be sure to follow me on Instagram where I’m posting daily pics for #MeMadeMay17!  I’m busy finishing up work at my P/T job -I have the summer off to be home with the kids!- and I’m sewing up a storm for my freelance sewing job (Irish dance costumes) this month.  Hopefully more time for blogging and sewing this summer!

This past weekend was fabulous!  Saturday was Vic and my 11th Wedding Anniversary and then Sunday was Mother’s Day.  We spent Saturday at the beach with the kiddos. So relaxing and beautiful. We were married on Bonita Beach and always try to spend the day at the ocean. Sunday the kids made me stay in bed (which is hard when you’re an early riser!) while they made me breakfast (with daddy’s help).  That was followed by the loveliest handmade gifts, a jeweled compact from Ami and Jasmine Tea from Teavana from Nigel.  Just wonderful! Hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day too!

If you’re local be sure to stop by August 27th (1:15pm) to the Plantation Group meeting for ASG where I’ll be giving a little talk on Natural Dyes!  More info on ASG Ft. Lauderdale here.  I just finished worked on some lovely dye projects using Onion Skins and Quebracho Rojo this past week.

Happy Sewing!



4 thoughts on “Summer Swimwear for the Kids”

  1. Great fabric choices! I can tell the kids love these clothes and are comfortable in them. So perfect for the Florida lifestyle.

  2. Thanks for sharing about the suits you made for your kids. I also love to make rashguards for my daughters and myself and am always on the lookout for patterns to convert to swimwear. I have sewn the newest McCalls child/adult rashguard and bottoms and loved them for me and my girls. This year is a little more challenging since my oldest as grown out of the size 8, fiddling with a raglan tee pattern to make her rashguard. Well thanks for the info!

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! Glad you enjoyed the post! The boys raglan I made works really well as a unisex pattern and it’s much easier to adjust to size since it’s less fitted. Good luck on yours!

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