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Sustainable Sewing

After kids everything changed for me.  As I slowly became a “crunchy” momma I grew concerned with all the chemicals I was using in my home and my art (I majored in printmaking.) I slowly switched our family to a greener and more eco-friendly lifestyle. I was influenced by both birth/parenting and art. Reading about Natural family Living with Mothering magazine’s Peggy O’Mara, about natural dyes with India Flint and about eco-fashion in Sustainable fashion and Textiles by Kate Fletcher and Eco Fashion by Sass Brown all influenced me greatly.

Eco Friendly Sewing tips:

  • Reuse and recycle old clothing and textiles
  • Mend and repair
  • Use organic and sustainable fabrics and notions whenever possible
  • Keep it local
  • Look for Fair trade and ethical production
  • Avoid chemical dyes, instead use plant based, low impact and non toxic dyes

Slow fashion to me is all about intention and creation.  I want to know as much as I can about where everything I make comes form and to take care in all aspects of my creative process.  I’m not perfect by any means but I try to source sustainably, create with care and make it all last.  No disposable fast fashion here. I want to know who’s making my fabric and that they all are treated well and compensated fairly for the goods I’m buying.  I want to leave the earth better for my children and their children.

Fabric + Dye Sourcing…

Here are some of the fabric and dye sources I use and love!

Nature's Fabrics
Botanical Colors
Your marketplace to buy and sell Sustainable Deadstock Fabric Textiles Marketplace

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