KCW Days 2 & 3- Shorts & Knits

Love being in this sewing grove with KCW– I just have to try not to overdo it :)  I got at least an hour of sewing in every day, Tuesday during naps and Wednesday in the morning before Ami woke and then in the afternoon for a bit.  Getting pictures was the tricky part!  When […]

KCW Day 5 & 6 Cropped Jacket and Pleated Skirt for Ami

I’ve been waiting for a while to make this adorable cropped Chanel style jacket and a pleated skirt for Ami.  It’s Butterick B5844 (Out of Print) Version A and C.  I made up both pieces in a size 3 for my almost 3 year old little girl.  I had to shorten the sleeves a bit

KCW Day 4- Highwaisted Owl Blouse for Ami

I’ve been sewing up a storm the past two days for Kids Clothes Week! Make sure you check out the KCW blog to see more fabulous makes!  I’m going to keep these posts short and sweet so I can focus on sewing.  Here is yesterday’s make, a highwaisted v-neck blouse with small frilled cap sleeves

Little Girl’s Wrap Skirt

I love making quick and easy projects, and this little wrap skirt for Ami fits the bill!   I made this start to finish in about an hour.  One of my favorite things about making clothes for Ami is that I need so little material to make something cute.  I usually just stock up on

Top 5 Hits and Misses of 2013

I’ve seen so many wonderful posts from everyone participating in Gillian’s Top 5 of 2013 Posts over at her blog  Crafting a Rainbow and really wanted to participate even though it’s already the last day of the year!  I’m a brand new blogger so please excuse some of the photo quality as most of these are

Holiday Sewing for the Kids

Has anyone else gone a little overboard sewing for the holidays?  I’ve been sewing for the kids like a fiend since the beginning of December.  I think I may have gone a little overboard, but boy the sewing was fun and each project helped me get a little better at my sewing. I’m glad I

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