Natural Dyeing: Lac

This past weekend the weather was perfect, sunny and breezy, so I broke out the dye pot and did some fun natural dyeing! I had a bunch of pieces waiting for the dye pot that I had planned on dyeing back over the winter holidays. Unfortunately that all got put on hold with my injury. […]

Blue Teal Stamped Dot Knit Dress Vogue 9312

It’s full on summer here in Florida so time to share some of my newest makes for the season! I’ve been sewing up a storm lately so I have a big backlog of new makes to share. This dress is my second version of Very Easy Vogue pattern 9312. I love this knit pattern and

Baby Clothes Memory Quilt and PJ’s for Ami

Oh, the memories!  This was the most fun sewing I’ve had in some time.  Each piece of Ami’s baby quilt is full of joy!  From her Born at Home Onesie (my little HBAC baby!!!) to my own baby dresses this baby quilt reminds me of my sweet little girl’s babyhood!  Plus I had just enough yardage to

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