Kids Clothes Week

KCW Storybook- Wrap Up

I got quite a bit sewn during last week’s KCW, though getting pics taken took longer.  Almost all my makes ended up being variations on the skater dress pattern from Kitschy Coo!  It’s such a versatile pattern.  I made Ami three dresses (you can see the first two here) two shirts for Nigel and both kid’s costumes […]

KCW- First Makes for Fall

Just back from our quick jaunt up to Minnesota and sewing like mad for KCW!  I totally forgot KCW was coming up.  You can view all my past makes here on my project page as well.  Kids Clothes Week happens four times a year where we sew for our kids for one hour a day for a week.  It’s perfect

KCW Wrap Up + My Makes Days 4-7

Whew!  KCW ended yesterday and I love how motivated it got me for sewing every day, though I don’t think I could keep that up on a regular basis with two little ones! Altogether I made 2 pairs of shorts for Nigel, shorts for Ami, a matching short/top set, a reversible wrap top and 3 knit skater

KCW Days 2 & 3- Shorts & Knits

Love being in this sewing grove with KCW– I just have to try not to overdo it :)  I got at least an hour of sewing in every day, Tuesday during naps and Wednesday in the morning before Ami woke and then in the afternoon for a bit.  Getting pictures was the tricky part!  When

KCW! Day 1 Makes!

Can’t believe the season has flown so quickly and it’s time for Kids Clothes Week sewing already!  Spring is in the air- or summer here in Florida :)  It’s been in the 80’s by the afternoon and the kids swam at the beach already this past weekend.  So my makes for the week are going to consist

Better late than never! KCW Urban Hoodie

This was supposed to be my last make for KCW (Kids Clothes Week– go check out the blog!) They were all cut out and ready to go, but I ran out of steam after the full week of sewing for my kids!  Then we were hit with a warm spell and my mom hinted that

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