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me made may

  • Me Made May 2023 Review

    Well, I made it all the way through the month- filming daily and restyling my makes. And I’m feeling really good about my closet and making everything work with my new style goals. Here’s my review of everything I wore this month for Me Made May 2023.

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  • Deep Blue Burda Trousers

    It only took me a year to get sewing with this vibrant Deep Blue Kona Cotton- but it was worth the wait! I LOVE these paper-bag waist trousers! This is my wearable muslin version of Burda Style Jersey Trousers 113- 05/22 in a size 40 worn with another one of my black and white stripe…

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  • Me Made May 2022

    Me Made May has come and gone, and while I’ve posted to Instagram most days this month it’s time for a little recap on the blog. This year wasn’t quite as successful for me as past years have been. I really didn’t enjoy taking pics- of course a large part of that is it’s time…

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  • Me Made May 2021

    May flew by in a blur! I’ve participated in Me Made May for 8 years in a row now. I posted my makes daily on instagram but not on the blog this year to keep it as manageable as possible. So now that the month is over it’s time for my MMM Wrap up! My…

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  • Me Made May 2020 Wrap Up

    Me Made May is a wrap! I’m so glad daily photos are done! I always get a bit annoyed taking pictures around mid-month. Documenting is a hassle but it is so useful it having a record of how I’ve worn my makes. I really need to do this a few times a year to record…

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  • Blue Linen Marilyn Dress

    We’re just back from a fabulous vacation at Disney World with my whole family! I’m still exhausted from our whirlwind 4 day trip but had just enough energy to whip up this new dress when we got back home.  I was itching to get back to sewing after being away from home. The kids and I spent Spring…

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  • The End of Me Made May: Days 23 to 31

    It’s the end of Me Made May.  It was interesting documenting this month since I was back and forth between my new home in Plantation and staying with my parents in Estero to finish out Nigel’s school year.  Less than a week to go now!  I tried not to stress this year with taking pics and…

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  • Me Made May 2016- Days 11-22

    It’s been a very busy two weeks! Days 11-22 have included some fun days with Amelie at the Botanical Gardens and the playground.  Last weekend was also our 10th wedding anniversary!   I can’t believe how the time has just flown by.  I’m so lucky to be married to my very best friend and my love. If anything having…

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