2019 Top 5 Hits, Misses + Goals

The year has almost slipped by, I’m getting this post in right before we ring in the New Year! Spending the last few minutes before we head over to my mom’s to celebrate! I always have big plans for year end posts but then end up so busy around the holidays that it always feels […]

Top 5: Hits + Misses 2016

It’s that time of year again…time for a Top 5 post!  This is my third year participating in Gillian at Crafting a Rainbow’s Top 5 roundups. I tend to get tunnel vision when I’m sewing and totally forget what I’ve made over the last few months. I always have a million projects going right before

Top 5- Goals for 2016

Happy, Happy New Year everyone!  This year has gone by in a blink.  Or maybe a blur.  I tend to over plan and over think just about everything so my goal for 2016 is “SLOW”.  I’m going to slow down the pace, slow down my (self-inflicted) schedule and just enjoy my family and my sewing.  I

Top 5- Non-Sewing Highlights

I’m back with another Top 5 post.  This week I’m sharing my non-sewing highlights for the year.  For me that’s my family.  If I’m not sewing I’m focused on my role as a Stay at Home Mom to my two kiddos Nigel and Ami and wife to my awesome husband Vic.  Nigel is now in 1st grade-where has the

Top Five Hits 2015

  Can you guys believe the year is almost over! You know what that means-time for some Top 5 Posts!  I’ve kept up with Gillian at Crafting a Rainbow’s Top 5 Year End Reflections since I started this blog.  I love looking back and reflecting on my life and my sewing each year. As I

Top 5- Misses, Highlights, Reflections + Goals

  The year is quickly coming to a close and I’ve been thinking a lot about my goals for the new year.  Perfect timing for another Top 5 Post!  This will be a longer post as  I wanted to get these all written up before the year is over!  You can see my Top 5 Hits

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