• Vintage Simplicity 5688 Skirt with Embroidered Pockets and Retro Stripe Rib Turtleneck

    I’m so happy to finally share this make, my vintage Simplicity 5688 Linen Skirt with embroidered curve pockets! I wore this for Thanksgiving and got so many compliments. My daughter wore a striped rib knit turtleneck too, so we were almost matching! There’s a fantastic banyan tree with a built in swing next to the…

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  • A Girl + Her Doggo- Aquarelle Floral Simplicity 8567 Girls Dress + Matching Dog Vest 2393

    This was my favorite holiday gift project- matchy matchy outfits for my little girl and our new dog Suki! Ami is very picky when it comes to me sewing her clothes so it took me ages to settle on the perfect pattern. Simplicity 8567 has the best statement sleeves and modern silhouette. Ami actually picked…

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  • Kids Clothes Week! Back to School 2016

    I’m back today sharing some of the back to school gear I made for Nigel for Kids Clothes Week.  Knowing I was going to be really busy this week  I did all my prep + sewing over the last two weeks.   Can you believe school starts here in less then 2 weeks?!?  I’ve been crazy busy getting ready.  Nigel now has a ton of raglan t-shirts and…

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