Sew Pomona

Embrace your creativity, make your own clothes, and live a more sustainable lifestyle! Whether you’re a seasoned seamstress or a beginner, there’s something here for everyone. Join me on this journey towards a more beautiful, ethical, and fulfilling life. 


  • Flora Girl’s Skirted Swimsuit

    I’ve been slowly improving my swimwear sewing and drafting skills this past year and here are the results.  The perfect little swimsuit for my daughter Amelie!  Ami just turned 4 last month and has been growing like a weed!  She’s been obsessed with wearing the same outfit lately, her purple sparkly swimsuit- plus leggings –…

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  • Indigo Dyeing- My results!

    Here’s a quick update on the results of my indigo dye bath from the other day.  You can view the earlier post here.  I love my color results!  The blues are really clear and rich and a shade I really like.  The whole process was quite easy and cleaned up pretty quickly with no stains!…

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  • Organic Reversible Wrap Skirt

    This week has been all about working on fitting my muslin’s for my fitted jacket and jeans while I wait on my ordered fabric to arrive and finish dyeing my denim, my indigo dye kit just arrived from noon dye studios :)  More updates soon!     I thought I’d take a break from the…

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  • Little Girl’s Wrap Skirt

    I love making quick and easy projects, and this little wrap skirt for Ami fits the bill!   I made this start to finish in about an hour.  One of my favorite things about making clothes for Ami is that I need so little material to make something cute.  I usually just stock up on…

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