Teal Birthday Dress- Vintage Vogue 7519

It’s my Birthday- feeling great at 46! Plus it’s an extra lucky bday- 02/02/2022! I don’t have many dressed up occasions since the pandemic so my Birthday is a great excuse to make a dress. It’s been quite chilly here the past few weeks (it went down to 39- Super cold for us Floridians) so I made up one last bit of winter wear before my Spring sewing begins.

I got some lovely photos of my Purple Leaf shooting star plant (Clerodendrom quadriloculare) that is blooming right now! Isn’t it fabulous! Thank goodness since almost all my other plants died when our house was tented for termites two weeks ago. Luckily they were able to work around this tree/shrub. It’s so gorgeous and has grown like crazy in the last year. I do have a bunch of seeds from Baker Creek that I’m going to start this weekend now that the cool weather is passing. A few varieties of Agastache and some vining plants and herbs. I’m really excited to plant the Thai double blue Butterfly Pea which can be used as a food dye.

I’ve had this beautiful Teal ponte from Marcy Tilton in my stash for awhile. I was originally going to make it into a jacket but decided against practicality and went for this 80’s dress. I love the pattern drawings on this Very Easy Vogue pattern but my copy is in a size 10 which is way too small for me. Easy remedy- make it in a knit! I cut out my pieces and had just enough yardage to eek out the shorter length dress. I did raise the neckline very slightly but not much- and left the back as is. The one modification I added were pleats to the shoulders. They were a bit too wide for my frame and this was an easy fix since I didn’t bother with a muslin.

I really like the longer version so I might just draft this up to fit in a woven. I think it would look fantastic in linen. I need to get a nice wide belt to wear with this. I think there’s a very good reason it’s belted in the cover art. It can look a bit dowdy otherwise.

This is like a super cozy sweater- easy to wear and nice and warm. I adore this color and am so happy I can wear this with my reproduction Egyptian necklace my mom got me from the MET. I wish I could wear heels with this- my wedding shoes are actually a perfect match- but I can’t get my feet into heels of any kind yet- so my sandals will have to do for now.


Teal Me More- USA Ponte Marcy Tilton (OOS)

(bought 6/21- 2.5yds) Beefy, but not thick, mid-weight, with a smooth hand, sculptural drape, 4-way stretch, made in the USA.

Very Easy Vogue 7519 Size 10

Loose fitting, pullover, A-line dress, five inches below mid knee or evening length, has front and back deep V neckline and pockets in side seams. View B has deep center front hemline slit. Full length dolman sleeves taper at wrist (may be worn pushed up.)

Measurement Chart 10- 32.5, 25, 34.5. My measurements: 36-29-39 which is about 4 ” ease

Dress A calls for 3 7/8 yds but I made mine out of 2.5.

I’m super proud of myself – I just finished another 30 days of Yoga- MOVE- with Yoga with Adrienne! And the only modifications I had to make were not doing any of the side leaning poses on your ankle- since I definitely can’t do those yet. January was my 1 year anniversary of my ankle surgery so being able to be fully back in my yoga practice is amazing. I’m really proud of my progress. What a difference a year makes!

I also just finished updating ALL my embroidery pattern samples and re-did all my product photography. If you haven’t checked it out yet, I’d love if you would head over to my Etsy shop and give it a look. I really want this business to be successful and hope I can inspire you to add an embroidery practice to you’re own sewing routine!

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I can’t wait to show you another 80’s dress I just finished- An 80’s bias cut grecian style dress. Happy Sewing!

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