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I’m so happy to have power back!  No internet or sewing for almost two weeks.  On the plus side, I got in a ton of reading and worked on some new embroidery projects. Today I thought I’d share one of my summer makes, a tie front tank McCall’s 6960, View D.  A great little set of tank and tunic pattern’s with nice options.

This was a quick and easy sew: good instructions that were easy to follow.  I made View D and should have paid attention to where it said “Very Loose Fitting”. So word of caution-size down!  I made the Medium(12-14) which is my usual size in Big 4 patterns and will make the XS next time.  I trimmed this down quite a bit at the side seam and took in center front after it was sewn.  Luckily since this was made with dress shirt material it looks fine with CF folded over itself down the front.

I used fabric that one of the ladies at ASG gave me when she was de-stashing.  A lovely mauve chambray that I used for the back and a coordinating pinstripe cotton dress shirt fabric for the front.  I like the contrast this made in the back and the tie at front is one of my favorite features.  Looking forward to making this pattern again, it’s a great simple basic.  Once I size it down it will be fab!  I’ve already made version B as well which I’ll share next week. Same sizing issue but still wearable as a tunic.

All the Details:


McCall’s 6960 Misses Tops and Tunics, View D Size M (next time a XS!)

I haven’t blogged much this month at all.  Irma really threw me off track.  The kids and I trekked over to the other coast (Estero FL) to try to avoid the storm. My husband is on call at his property during hurricane’s so the kids and I often go to my mom’s since she has hurricane shutters and is out of the flood zone. We figured we’d be safer there (our rental isn’t exactly storm safe) and it looked like the storm was heading straight toward Ft. Lauderdale.  Of course once we were over there the storm altered it’s path and headed straight toward us!

Pre-storm I got two new rain coats sewn up for the kiddos and some pillows for my mom.  I travel with my machines!  We had a little party waiting out the storm in safety with some of my mom’s friends who were evacuated from the coast.  A bit of street flooding near us but other than no electricity not too bad. After two days my husband let us no it was safe to come back and we had power!  Yay!

We headed back to Plantation ( with my sister’s family in tow since they had no electricity either) and enjoyed a full day of AC and internet. Lots of huge trees downed.  We now have a fab view of the lake!

I went food shopping and of course that afternoon the power went out!  The landscapers cleaning up must have hit our line.  3 buildings in our complex had no power for 8 more days.  It actually wasn’t too bad, kind of like camping.  We played lots of board games, read and went to bed when it got dark. Our library opened up right away so we headed over there to escape the heat and charge devices.

Unfortunately we’re on the 3rd floor (and heat rises) and have no cross breeze. The one night we propped the door open we got bit up by mosquitos like crazy.  So our place got up to 86.  Thank goodness for my solar lamp and battery-powered fan!

So glad that school is back in session ( the kids missed over a week) and power is restored.  I’ve been catching up on my freelance sewing the past few days now that I can sew again! I used my time wisely when we had no power and have a whole bin of makes cut out and ready to sew.  Top on my list post storm- find myself a vintage machine so I can sew without electricity!

All in all a great little pattern!  Hoping to get back on track now that the storm has passed. Hope everyone else fared well this crazy hurricane season. Happy Sewing!

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  1. Great Top! I like the way that you used contrast fabric. I live in central Florida and had no power, phone, or internet for a week. It amazed me what can be done without these “essentials”. I did a lot of pattern work and cutting out!

  2. Glad to hear you made it through the storm all right! It sounds like you were really productive with the time, too.

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