Top 5 Goals for 2014 and RTW Fast

Hope everyone had a wonderful New Year’s Eve!  I’m really looking forward to this new year, especially the RTW challenge I just signed up for over at Goodbye Valentino.  Myself and some 200 +  wonderful ladies are challenging ourselves to a full year of no RTW ( Ready to Wear) Clothing (exceptions being shoes, socks, and underwear).  This was just the motivation I needed to stick to my new year’s resolution to try to sew all my clothes this year.  I do feel lucky though that my husband got me a bunch of lovely yoga wear from Title Nine for Christmas, so I won’t have to worry about having enough workout clothes right now.   I don’t have a serger (hoping to get one for my birthday) and haven’t sewn with knits yet.

Top 5 Goals 2014 Sew Pomona
  1.  Sew all my clothes this year and slowly phase out my purchased clothing so my wardrobe is eventually all handmade.  I’m going to challenge myself this year and try my hand at some lingerie, swimwear and knits!
  2. Use more recycled and organic fabrics and notions.
  3. Do more natural plant-based dyeing!
  4. Use some of my printmaking skills to print and stamp fabric.
  5. Sew more intentionally.  I need to focus on making more wearable separates to fill out my wardrobe and take a while to plan out my clothes before I start sewing so everything coordinates a little better. Right now I have a closet full of dresses that are rarely worn since I’m still breastfeeding and they just aren’t practical.
Florida garden image Sew Pomona

Wishing you all a wonderful New Year from sunny Florida!

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