Top 5: Non Sewing Highlights-My Family Year in Review

2016 was an eventful year for my little family! Here’s my second TOP 5 Post for 2016: my non-sewing related Highlights!  I tried to pick 5 but so much happened this year that I decided instead to put together a little family year in review.  This year so much less sewing then usual because of all the big changes we had.  Selling our condo in Naples, Making the move to Plantation, the start of school for BOTH my kiddos and my first months back to work after 8 years as a Stay at Home Momma!

I started January with a bang in a gorgeous DKNY bronze dress that my brilliant photog sister (Megan DiPiero) photographed for me! I wish all my images looked this good!  Doing this mini photo shoot was so much fun!  Plus lots of fun with the kids at the beach to ring in the New Year!

I had a fab 40th birthday in February! My mom, Amelie and I went to see the YSL + Halston Exhibit and then joined my sis for lunch out at Seasons 52. Perfect girls day out!  Plus I made myself a beautiful birthday outfit! My husband celebrated his 44th bday two weeks later.  Then Valentine’s day which is always sweet with the kids!

In March we went to the Strawberry Festival in Naples and then started our big move to Plantation, FL.  We moved all our things into our new apartment and then moved out of our condo in Naples two days later (we had 2 weeks to move out!!!) over a very busy weekend at the end of the month. I will never move us all by ourselves again!!!! The new place is perfect though-walking distance to the kids new school in a great school district, 2Bdr 2B with a balcony overlooking the lake on the third floor (much like our condo).  We wanted to make sure we liked the area before buying a house so we’ll be renting for probably 2 years or so while we save up.  Because it was the middle of the school year we stayed with my mom and dad in Estero until Nigel finished 1st grade and went to the other coast to spend the weekends with my husband!

April started badly- Nigel had a slip and fall accident at the splash pad at the park in our new town.  Emergency doctor visit but quick + full recovery!  The month ended wonderfully with Amelie’s 5th birthday and the Tortuga Festival in Ft. Lauderdale. The kids had such fun in the conservation area on the beach.

In May we went to see my son’s school Spring Concert and then Nigel caught Pneumonia! So scary to see your child sick so suddenly.  No cough to speak of just a lingering fever that kept coming back.  We spent a weekend in the Emergency Room and hospital(which my daughter thought was a vacation since the room was so lovely!) but Nigel bounced back quickly once again.  Praying for the kids to stay healthy in the new year! Plus Me Made May, enjoying my last spring at home with Amelie and a wonderful Mother’s Day!

June was the end of school and time for goodbyes as we moved over to Plantation for good!  We spent the summer exploring our new city and hitting every park, playground and beach in our area!

In July I joined my local branch of ASG (American Sewing Guild) and have so enjoyed having a local sewing community! We spent many days at the beach and a beautiful weekend with my parents and the cousins in Ft. Lauderdale!

August saw the start of school for both my kiddos!  Nigel in 2nd grade and Amelie in Kindergarten!  They love their new school and have such wonderful teachers!  I was so nervous for Ami’s first year at school but she’s really blossomed and just adores school.  What a transition it’s been from Stay at Home Mom to having both kids in school!

In September Nigel joined Boy Scouts (he goes to all the meetings with his dad which is so nice.) We also had a wonderful visit to see my brother and my parents back in Estero with trips to the beach and visit to an awesome arcade with bowling, laser tag and climbing! Plus a weekend visit to Margaritaville in Hollywood.

I had my first interviews looking for a part-time job and landed a great job at Club Monaco as a Visual Merchandiser/Stock Assoc.  I really lucked out finding something in my field with hours that are super flexible-I only work while the kids are in school.  A nice transition back into the work force after 8 years at home with my kids.

October started out with Nigel’s 8th bday!  The new store I’m working at opened at Sawgrass Mill. My fav part of merchandising is always the setup for openings-they are such fun! Plus an amazing Halloween even with Ami getting sick.  Poor Kiddo!

November was my ASG Annual Meeting and Luncheon.  Amelie had her first school field trip and the kids and I visited Flamingo gardens.   We took family day trips to Deerfield Beach to walk the pier and visited the Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show!

December was such fun!  I got the kids awesome Advent Calenders-Monster High and Minions!  We had holiday school parties (I’m a room mom for Ami’s class so it’s always extra fun!) My mom and I had a girls day out at the NSU Modern Art Museum.  We also took our first family canoe trip at Hugh Taylor Birch Park.  I also enjoyed a lovely holiday potluck party with my ASG group.

We celebrated a fabulous Christmas this past weekend!  Christmas with kids is always such fun!  We woke up at the crack of dawn for the kids to open presents.  Nigel got a Unbored Treasure Hunt game, some books he’s been wanting: SMILE and Percy Jackson and some fun stocking stuffers-Legos, a wooden airplane and  a Knot Tying Kit.  Amelie got her Fairy Garden Craft kit, Pinkalicious Books, Flora and The Penguin (we collect the series-a new book each Christmas) plus a sewing butterfly craft and num nums. They also got  build you’re own fort from their grandparents! It takes up most of they’re bedroom when assembled but stores tidily.

My husband surprised me and got me some lovely aquamarine earrings that match my wedding ring!  Just gorgeous. I went all out and got my husband (and I) tickets to see Coldplay at The HardRock Stadium(Aug 28th)!!!! He was so happy and surprised!  My parents gift to us a hotel room, dinner and babysitting the kids for that weekend.  It’s going to be amazing!  We haven’t done anything like this since before the kids were born!  We have a lot of fun trips planned.  My brother got us a dinner and cabaret show and in the spring the whole family is going to DISNEY courtesy of my parents!  I can’t wait!


I had everyone here for the holiday: My brother, his daughter and my parents. And I made a fabulous Christmas Lunch: a beautiful appetizer meat/fruit/cheese spread, tomato/mozz/basil skewers, 3 ducks, brussel sprouts with prosciutto in marsala, mashed potatoes, salad with pecans,goat cheese and pomegranates with a fig balsamic dressing, plus plum pudding with custard and a cherry trifle!  The kids are off for the next two weeks and I’m off next week so a wonderful end to 2016!

Hope you all had an amazing year too!  Wishing you a Wonderful New Year!


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  1. Just catching up on all my blog reading after the holidays. It looks like you’ve had a good year, and I loved seeing all these photos! Happy new year to you!

    1. Thanks Kathryn! I’m catching up on mine too…I’ve had the kids home so not as much free time. Hope you’re having a great new year too!

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