Top 5 Hits + Misses and Reflections 2020

It’s been a strange year and while I’ve sewn quite a bit, my makes felt a bit disjointed this year. I started out strong with some lovely makes in the winter but focused more on pattern drafting and muslins (many wearable) for the remainder of the year. The last few months I’ve had a really full work schedule so I’m really looking forward to some time in my sewing space in the next few weeks! I’m on year 7 participating in the Sewcialists Top 5 Fun- Bye Bye 2020! Taking a bit of time to reflect on what I’ve made this year and what I want to accomplish in the new year is always so rewarding!

Graphic with a pair of scissors cutting a ribbon and text that says, "#SewingTop5" and "Bye bye, 2020!"

Top 5 Hits

This was so hard to narrow down! I love my Simplicity 1950’s Wisteria Linen Dress. The silhouette is so elegant and sophisticated. My naturally dyed robe is so beautiful in person. I love all the tiny floral imprints and the lightweight material is soft as air. Butterick 4659 is just an awesome pattern! It’s my new go to. I made all the views but the skirt and pant are my faves. I’ve already made another skirt and wear these constantly! And my very favorite make …my multicoloured leopard Memphis dress! My parents bought me the fabric on their last trip to Paris and I just adore it! The color is amazing and the pattern really shows it off! Plus gifted fabric from Paris is always fab!

Top 5 Misses

These makes all had problems. I love my sweatpants but the ponte knit is pilling like crazy! I’m planning on making a pair of Hudson’s to replace them. The avocado shift dress was so pretty but those narrow arm seams couldn’t take the stress- they ripped even worse when I tried to repair it. I did reuse the fabric so not a total loss. The purple linen bodice isn’t horrible but the linen stretched like crazy! I had to add a center seam and take in the sides which threw off the already sewn bust darts. At least the matching pants are fabulous! I also made a raglan sleeve tee in a blue rib knit that was never blogged …because it was just ugly! Construction was fine I just didn’t like how it looked on me. And last I recently made a muslin (unblogged) of a vintage collared knit long sleeve shirt, and it makes me look like an elf! Green knit with a big collar is just not a good look.


  • sew for fun– This year I focused on sewing what I wanted with a much looser plan. I had a ton of sketches and inspiration but less exact plans. That really helped me enjoy my limited sewing time.
  • redo faves– I made some lovely wearable muslins and now need to redo them in better fabrics and more attention to detail for extended wear.
  • pattern drafting– I spent much more time this year working on redoing my slopers and drafting out numerous patterns and basic styles. I drafted a beautiful princess seam coat, a few Haslam patterns, as well as many bodice versions.

Inspiration for Winter Sewing


  • what do I want to be when I grow up? I know, I’m almost 45, but now that my kids are getting older and we’re turning the corner with covid I’ve been thinking alot about this. My job right now is great for these covid times- especially since I’m anticipating the kids will be at home with me until the end of the school year. But I really want to grow into a career in my field of expertise. I love Interior design and enjoyed working as a visual merchandiser before I had children but I’m not certain I want to go back into that industry. I did recently design and pick out pieces for my sister’s studio space which was pure joy and we’re currently renovating a bathroom which has been immensely enjoyable.
  • back to school? One option I’m seriously considering is going back to school for a pattern making certificate or degree. Most of the schools near me have fashion programs but very few patternmaking classes. I’m looking into online options and think that may be the way to go. I love the math and creativity involved in drafting and designing.
  • sew thoughtfully– I tend to sew a bit impulsively and quickly. I really do need to continue to slow down and take the time to make my pieces more long lasting.

Here’s hoping for a fabulous and safe New Year! Happy Sewing!

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