Top 5- Goals for 2016

Happy, Happy New Year everyone!  This year has gone by in a blink.  Or maybe a blur.  I tend to over plan and over think just about everything so my goal for 2016 is “SLOW”.  I’m going to slow down the pace, slow down my (self-inflicted) schedule and just enjoy my family and my sewing.  I want each piece I make this year to be thoughtful and unique.  I feel like I’ve simplified my style a bit too much in the past few years and want to create some truly ME pieces that express my creativity.


I want to take the time to make more adventurous and intricate designs.  Thoughtfully and slowly with all the bells and whistles.  I’m turning 40 in February and see no reason to dress for anyone but myself.  I don’t need to plan my whole sewing season in advance anymore either.  At this point my wardrobe is almost completely handmade anyway and totally wearable.  Plus when I over plan half the stuff never gets made and I lose interest in projects too quickly. I’m going to try and just focus on one slow project at a time.

Top 5- Goals for 2016


My top 5 Sewing Goals for 2016:


focus on the details: embroidery, trim, printing, fabric manipulation, etc.

get back to natural dyeing

plan less

add more adventurous pieces to my wardrobe

keep learning


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I’ve missed being able to experiment with natural dyes so much this year.  We’ve been trying to sell our condo now for the last 8 months and the constant home showings have really curtailed my plans.  We’ve got a new realtor now so hopefully our place will sell soon and all that will change.

Another thing I’m looking forward to when we move is taking some patternmaking classes.  I was so psyched when I saw they offered Saturday classes so I can easily take them while my husband is at home on the weekends.  It’s going to be awesome living in a bigger city with more cultural activities! I want to refine my sewing and expand my patternmaking/design knowledge this year with the goal of starting my slow fashion business next fall.

What I want most though is to enjoy this year of sewing for myself.   To cherish this last year with my little girl at home with me.  More fun and play with both my kids!

Top 5- Goals for 2016

Wishing you all a fabulous 2016!




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  1. I understand slowing down. By the end of last year, with work and the pressure I put on myself to sew I got burnt out. Looking forward to seeing you 2016 makes…

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