Top Five Hits 2015


Can you guys believe the year is almost over! You know what that means-time for some Top 5 Posts!  I’ve kept up with Gillian at Crafting a Rainbow’s Top 5 Year End Reflections since I started this blog.  I love looking back and reflecting on my life and my sewing each year.

Top 5 of 2015

As I gear up for Holiday Sewing in the month before Christmas it’s so nice to write-up some easy blog posts. I’m sewing like crazy over here but because some of my family reads the blog I’m trying to keep what I’m working on this month under wraps.  I love a good surprise!  They’re will be tons to share come January!

So here goes, in no particular order…..


Top 5 Hits of 2015:

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Rouleau Edged Top

Rouleau Edged Top, Sew Pomona

One of my favorite things about this top is all the different techniques I used and learned to make this!  It’s a hemp silk that I dyed myself and then created bias tubes to form the neckline edging.  Beautiful and classic.  A wardrobe staple!

Indigo Bias Dress

Indigo and Mini Stripe Voile Bias Dresses

The material used to make this dress was wonderful to work with and I loved that it also had a beautiful selvedge that I could work into the design.  I’m really proud of the fact that this dress is self drafted.  I wear this  ALL THE TIME!!! It’s pretty but still casual enough for daily wear.

Organic Denim Embroidered Jeans

organic denim jeans with embroidery at Sew Pomona

These are my most worn make of the year!  They work with everything in my wardrobe and are so comfy!  I really got the fit down on this pair.  And I love how the embroidery on the back pockets turned out!

Nautilus Bikini

Nautilus Bikini Seamstress Erin Design, Pattern Testing Sew Pomona

I got so many compliments on this swimsuit this summer!  I love the fit and silhouette.  Plus it always feels great to wear a swimsuit you know makes you look good.  Plus it’s in my fav color combo blue and white! I’ll be making another version this summer for sure!

Holly Hawthorn Dress

Holly Hawthorn Dress Sew Pomona

This make turned a Miss into a Hit!  My Holly Jumpsuit, while pretty, was just not getting any wear. So I ordered more fabric and took apart the outfit to make a separate dress and pants.  I combined the bodice of Holly with the skirt(lengthened) of the Hawthorn dress to get this look.  I love it!  I wear white here in Florida like I used to wear black up north.  It’s my staple color.


I’ll be back next week with my Top 5 Misses.  Until then-Happy Sewing!


11 thoughts on “Top Five Hits 2015”

  1. Love these, Rebecca! I remember being blown away by the embroidery on those jeans the first time I saw them. Truly a special project. I’d say you had a pretty good year! :)

  2. Those jeans look great – wish I could perfect jeans, but having some issues with it. And those pockets – makes me wish I could do embroidery!

    1. Thanks so much! I have to say the Craftsy class with Angela Wolf (sewing designer jeans) really helped me the most to get the fit down on my jeans. :)

  3. Love the rouleau edged top. Did I miss that the first time around? Hemp silk seems such a nice mix. I have a couple of silk-cotton tops and they are wonderful to wear. Beautiful colour too.

    1. I’m really proud of that top-Thanks! The hemp silk is so lovely to wear. It’s quite sturdy compared to regular silk but still soft. I was really happy with the dye results too!

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