Handmade Travel Wardrobe Planner

Handmade Travel Wardrobe Planner Sew Pomona Blog Free Planning Guide

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last updated September 2023

This planner is a PDF designed in Adobe Express- Set scale to “Fit to Paper” or “Fit to Printable Area” or the size of your choice. You can print multiple copies of the planning and project pages. Please use this for personal use only. Thanks!

Handmade Travel Wardrobe Planner

Traveling can be stressful, especially when it comes to packing. But with a little planning and creativity, we can make packing and dressing for our trips a lot easier and much more enjoyable.

In my planner I focus on some of the most important aspects of creating a Travel Wardrobe: fabric choice, color palette, and comfort. Using tried and true sewing patterns and silhouettes that work for you, combined with pieces already in your closet, you can create a fun and versatile travel wardrobe for any destination!

Don’t miss the newly added bonus section- with croquis figure templates and fashion clothing item templates.

Enjoy this free planner and create the wardrobe of your dreams!

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